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    #hamradio Contest Weekend (again)

    Posted: 26 Nov 2021 11:53 AM PST https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2021/11/26/hamradio-contest-weekend-again/

    Last weekend we had the ARRL SSB Sweepstakes and it seemed to go well. I
    had no complaints and as with all contests I plan to( expect to) :

    a Have fun (I did)

    bGive out the Rare ONE (Ontario East) Multi so those who are actually
    taking contesting seriously have a chance to get bragging rights for their accomplishments (I managed to give out ONE out to 50 stations)

    Clean Sweep if you contact all 84 sections

    c Either increase my State totals or my DXCC totals depending on what the actual contest of the day leans towards. (I did- increased my confirmed
    SSB WAS totals up to 30 from 20 and if everyone left that I contacted
    confirms on LoTW I should be up to 37 confirmed)

    Now this weekend is the CQ WW CW contest ( https://www.cqww.com/) and its
    a popular one

    Ive only participated in this contest once (2015) and managed to
    successfully obtain my regular goals and so I was pleased. My best (and
    only) showing was with a Flex 1500 (QRP) and between the decoding program
    CW Get and the built in computer keyer in the software needed to run the
    Flex (remember its a SDR) I also managed some wallpaper.

    I have to admit for this one my computer did 99% of the heavy lifting

    But following the line of selling then regreting it I did (in September
    2019) at the OARC Hamfest in Carp sell my Winkeyer USB Computer Keyer.

    Another case of I dont need it so why not sell it I can always find
    another one later. Well no luck finding one so now I wont be operating any
    CW (or very little) until I can replace that now badly needed piece of kit
    As always hindsight is always 20/20.

    Once I find one it will take the place of the Keyer Programming in the Flex (which I also sold) and then I can try and regain what little CW skills I
    had (or thought I had) in the past.

    If you have the skills to participate then enjoy the contest.

    Other than that enjoy your weekend


    ps .. and dont forget the RAC Canada Winter Contest is coming up in 3
    weeks. Listen for me there

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