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    This Week in Amateur Radio

    Via the ARRL: AMSAT-NA Elects Officers, Discusses Ongoing and Future
    Satellite Projects

    Posted: 15 Nov 2021 08:09 PM PST

    AMSAT-NA President Robert Bankston, KE4AL, told the 2021 AMSAT Dr. Tom
    Clark, K3IO, Memorial Space...

    Via the ARRL: Solo DXpeditioner Says Operating from Crozet is Limited by

    Posted: 15 Nov 2021 07:54 PM PST

    The recent announcement of a pending 3-month DXpedition to activate Crozet Island (FT5W) in 2022...

    via HACKADAY: Mining and Refining: Pure Silicon and the Incredible Effort
    It Takes to Get There

    Posted: 15 Nov 2021 07:45 PM PST

    Were it not for the thin sheath of water and carbon-based life covering it, our...

    via the RSGB: Volunteers needed to investigate interference problems

    Posted: 15 Nov 2021 07:33 PM PST

    Most of you will have experienced RF interference problems of one sort or another over...

    via HACKADAY: Forget Radio! Transmitting with Neutrons

    Posted: 15 Nov 2021 07:29 PM PST

    Throughout history, people have devised ways to send information across
    long distances. For centuries we...

    via the RSGB: Canadians mark transatlantic first

    Posted: 15 Nov 2021 07:25 PM PST

    CF3BP will be operating from the York region near Toronto until 12 December 2021. It...

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