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    My Amateur Radio Life

    A tool I use in my hobby

    Posted: 13 Nov 2021 07:32 AM PST https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2021/11/13/a-tool-i-use-in-my-hobby/

    Its warm and dry in the shack but its a cool, rainy Saturday morning
    outside and after making a few POTA contacts from the shack I am being
    forced to continue on trying to get my new laptop into a working tool in my hobby.

    Many, many times in the past I have stated that:

    My hobby is Amateur Radio. Computers are a tool I must use to enjoy my hobby

    There you have it. About the most stressful thing a non-computer type
    (like myself) can do is try to remember how I get all the different
    software packages back up and running after a forced upgrade in computers.

    So far I have gotten the programming software for my Yaesu 7250d and my
    Yaesu 70d running and now the radios will talk to and listen to the laptop
    as needed.

    Getting CAT Control between my laptop and my FT950 eludes me so far but
    when (if) I finally succeed then I can start looking at a new logging

    I was able to get my favorite CW Decoding program (CW GET) running and
    talking to my SignaLink and then on to the 950 but thats about as good as
    it gets so far. It was fun to decode the ARRL Bulletins to a buffer and
    then read it later.

    And my Wires X Personal Digital Node (PDN) for my Yaesu FTDM100 is still waiting to get installed and reconfigured. 2 years ago it took me about a
    week or so of Configuration Setup to get it work.

    All this is being done with hopefully keeping my blood pressure down as
    well as my stress level.

    And if you are wondering why I had to upgrade.


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