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    Nice Morning on 160 meters

    Posted: 12 Nov 2021 08:41 AM PST

    Greyline propagation is always a plus.  A couple of weeks ago, I thought I worked my 1st Australian station on 160m.  Unfortunately the contact wasnt complete.  Since then I was mostly trying to work the higher frequency
    bands to complete my 1,500 DXCC Challenge band-points.  With that complete
    I turned back to 160m.

    As usual Ive heard multiple Brazil, Argentinian, and other South American stations on 160m, but they never hear me.  I did work Montenegro and am awaiting LotW confirmation.  That gave me some hope.

    This morning around local sunrise (1130UTC) I saw Japan and Australia
    coming in pretty strong.  I worked both, and have received a LotW
    confirmation from VK3NX (thanks Charlie).  I also worked Peter VK5PW, the station I had worked two weeks earlier, as well JE7GXQ in Japan.

    So I now stand at 94 confirmed countries in LotW, with possible 2 more
    coming in, and one QSL card.  This renewed my hope that I might be able to
    get DXCC on 160m by next spring.

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