• [SADARS] 11 Nov 2021 - A Talk by Alan, G4PSO

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    11 Nov 2021 - A Talk by Alan, G4PSO

    Posted: 12 Nov 2021 04:45 AM PST

    Software showing a
    Satellite footprint and direction of travel

    The talk was about satellites and the 2021 AMSAT UK Space Colloquium video.

    Alan gave a brief history of AMSAT and early and continuous contributions
    by Martin Sweeting, G3YJO before the RSGB became involved.

    In the video, Peter Goodhall, 2M0SQL asked where is 57° North? Then went on
    to explain where it is and why he decided to move there. It would improve
    his satellite coverage!  Peter showed his first station on the corner of a kitchen counter and then the move to a dedicated space for the equipment.
    He gave a run down of his aerials and other equipment, then explained about
    his quest of chasing grid squares from around the world.

    Alan stopped the video at various points to explain some of the jargon and abbreviations associated with satellite work.

    Peter explained that by moving to 57° North he was able to increase his
    total of grid squares to 806 worked and 627 squares actually confirmed. Hes
    now looking for California and Arizona since they are the only two states
    he still needs to contact. His contacts at U.S. grid squares was helped by
    the Americans use of Rovers who would go out mobile to give isolated
    squares to satellite hunters. Peter also described how he would go portable
    at nearby locations in different squares using a hand held yagi and
    carrying the rig and battery to make contacts. A system was devised to
    record the audio of the contacts for later inspection, if necessary. While
    out portable, Peter would put his location square on Twitter to alert other satellite operators of his rare locations. While at nearby Peterhead, he increased his all time QSOs via satellite to 11132, and total grid squares
    to 806 and WAS to 47.

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