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    Swindon & District Amateur Radio Club

    Members Construction Competition Rules 2021

    Posted: 08 Nov 2021 04:19 AM PST https://www.sdarc.net/2021/11/08/members-construction-competition-rules-2021/

    We are holding the Construction Competition on November 18th!

    The aim of this annual contest is to encourage members to build either
    radio equipment or ancillary items which enhance their radio operations and
    to exhibit these to encourage others to follow their example.

    Entries can include any radio-related equipment or software, for example,
    Morse oscillator, test unit, QRP rig, computer/radio interface, PSU, Tx/Rx, linear, antenna, ATU…..

    Entries can have been built at any time, but to be accepted as an entry,
    they must not have been entered in any previous SDARC construction contest.

    If YOU have built something that helps you operate, why not enter it?
    Remember it is not necessarily the most complex equipment that wins!

    Provide sufficient details with your entry to help judges understand the purpose and operation of the entry….”Sell” the concept and its usefulness through your description, diagrams, circuits etc!

    The contest will have five principal Product categories:-

    Homebrew – This will be for equipment built completely by the club member. (If the equipment is a magazine project with a PCB available, then, the PCB
    may be used.)

    Kit – This will be for equipment built from a kit. The kit should require some soldering to component level.

    Hybrid – This will be for homebrew equipment which also contains one or
    more kits.

    Antenna – This will be for special homebrew antenna systems. For this type
    of contest entry, the member will just need to provide photographs of the antenna together with a specification, a drawing and details of the construction. A list of countries worked with the antenna should also be provided.

    Software – This category will be for radio-related software. This can be either, a new piece of “stand-alone” software, or a piece written to add extra features to some existing software.

    In addition, three Constructor categories may be brought to bear:-

    Novice – This will be for those members who have not previously built or exhibited any equipment.

    General – This will be for those members who have built and entered previously.

    Professional – This may be awarded to experienced constructors whose work
    is of an exceptional standard.

    The number of Awards will reflect the scope of entries and may include
    awards made to deal with tie-break situations.

    The judges’ decisions on all the awards are final.

    Please complete an entry form beforehand so you can bring it on the night.
    You can download the entry form here.

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