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    Posted: 05 Nov 2021 11:00 PM PDT

    Episode 374 - Courtney Duncan - N5BF
    Courtney Duncan, N5BF, has humble amateur radio
    beginnings in Texas where he earned a degree in musical piano performance. Destiny intervened, allowing Courtney to get a degree as an electronic engineer and a career at JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, associated
    with NASA and CalTech in Pasadena, California working on flight radio
    systems for spacecraft that go to Mars and beyond. Now retired after 30
    years, N5BF is active as the president of the San Bernardino Microwave
    Society, amateur microwave operation and contesting, and moonbounce.
    Show Notes
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    Ham Radio Website
    Courtneys Biography
    Courtneys Tornado Story from JPL Newsletter
    Hometown: Henreatta, Texas

    First License: Age 16, WN5GRZ, 1972, upgrade to WB5GRZ
    Mentor: Phil Woodard, W5KRZ

    First Rig:
    6DQ6 Novice Transmitter
    National HRO 50 Receiver without band coils, big knob

    PeopleVan Clyburn, Piano Performer

    Jan King W3GEY
    Owen Garriot, Astronaut
    Ralph Walio, W6RPK
    Larry Young, JPL
    Bill Pickering, JPL
    Jay Holiday, W6EJJ
    Eric Archer, N6CV (SK) - need reference
    Bob Twigs (CubeSat)
    Joe Taylor, K1JT
    HG Wells, Author

    Burlington Northern Railroad
    Railroad Telegraph Operator
    Railroad Signaling
    Railroad Depot (Station) Master
    American Morse Code
    Taylor, TX
    Hubbard, TX
    200 to 400 Khz Filter
    Transmitter Chirp
    NVIS - Near Vertical Incidence Skywave
    National Traffic System
    Hubbard Texas Tornado, 1972
    GE ProgLine
    Baylor University, Waco, TX, Music Major Piano Performance
    Heathkit HW-2036A VHF Transceiver
    Broadcast Engineer
    FCC Office Dallas TX
    Second Class RadioTelephone License
    First Class RadioTelephone
    GS9 - Federal Government Payscale
    Oscar 6 Satellite
    Phase 3A Satellite
    AMSAT Washington, DC
    University of Houston, BSEE
    Timex Sinclair Computer
    Keplerian Elements of Satellites
    Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX
    STS6 Space Shuttle Flight
    STS9 Space Shuttle Flight
    JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Goldstone Deep Space Network
    GPS Receiver Design
    What is FFRDC?
    CalTech, Pasadena
    Jet Assisted Takeoff Rockets
    Ranger Missions to the Moon, 1960s
    Ranger 7
    Surveyor Space Missions
    Apollo 12 Mission
    Voyager 1 Spacecraft
    Voyager 2 Spacecraft
    Mars Rovers
    Galileo Spacecraft
    JPL - Flight Radio Section
    MARS Helicopter 1800 Grams or less
    Zigby Radio
    FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Array
    Universal Space Transponder
    CubeSat Version Iris Radio Package
    Microstat: A New, Small Satellite Bus Concept, 1989, by Courtney Duncan
    Oscar Satellite 16
    Oscar Satellite 19
    TSFR - This space for rent
    P-POD Satellite Dispenser
    Mars copter
    San Bernardino Microwave Society
    Palos Verdes 10 GHz Beacon
    Mt. Ellison Listening Reverse Beacon
    4X1AJ Moon Bounce
    Shannon Limit

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: spectrum defense,

    Excited most by: detection of signals far, far away

    Advice to new or returning hams: Learn the "Big R Radio", and how things
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    4Z1UG. Subscribe 6DQ6 Novice
    Transmitter National HRO-50 General Coverage Receiver N5BF
    EME Antenna N5BF 10 GHz Contest Station
    Truck Mounted

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