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    My Amateur Radio Life

    Giving a little back to the #hamradio community

    Posted: 02 Nov 2021 09:15 AM PDT https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2021/11/02/giving-a-little-back-to-the-hamradio-community/

    This morning I took the 11am to 12 noon shift (EDST) or 1500-1600 UTC
    shift as the Net Control Station (NCS) on the Trans Provincial Net (TPN)
    which operates on 7.100 on the 40m band.

    Check out their website at http://www.tpn7055.com/

    The net has been running (forever) since 1982. It operates from Monday to Friday from 8am eastern to 5pm eastern. It serves as a meeting place for
    all who can hear the Net Controller and have operating authority in that
    part of the band. Canadian Amateurs can check in either SSB or CW with American Amateurs checking in on CW. CW check ins depend on the CW skill
    of the NCS at the time.

    If you read back through my last 2 years of postings here. I have checked
    in whenever I am able and now that I retired and have more time on my
    hands I figured why not contribute a bit to the hobby

    So here I am

    Hope to hear you check in with me some day (Im one of those with lousy CW skills) so please SSB only and follow your countries restrictions as far as modes go


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