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    My Amateur Radio Life

    I was POTA before POTA was cool

    Posted: 25 Oct 2021 05:38 PM PDT https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2021/10/26/i-was-pota-before-pota-was-cool/

    Yes seriously,

    The above picture was taken in Feb 2006 when I operated for the FYBO event
    as CF3RCS (Canadians Freezing 3 Real Cold Spot. The Canadian Regulating Authority had allowed VA stations to use the special Prefix CF and my call
    at the time was VA3RCS( I still hold it) I became CF3RCS which worked out
    quite well in a contest that for operating in the cold

    Over the years with VA3PCJ Jose and other operators we did play radio in
    the great outdoors quite a few times and weather did not matter.

    VA3PCJ KX3 and Alexloop antenna at Brewer Park in Ottawa

    Sometimes the weather not so good

    Just another day in the park

    Some others joined us as well

    The above pic was taken at the end of the RAC Canada Winter Contest when
    we operated outdoors in late December for 24 hours

    And we always had fun

    There were a couple of SOTA events as well but its hard to find anyplace
    with altitude near Ottawa.

    Now we have POTA and there so much activity that you cant not have fun.
    all bands . mostly all modes and with the bulk of the operations happening
    in North America its not hard to stay pumped about making contacts

    So just remember when you make all your contacts. Theres a large group of
    old hams out there that was doing it before we knew POTA but we did know
    QRP, we did know Portable operating and we did (and still) know fun.

    Remember that Amateur Radio can be an outdoor sport


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