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    Posted: 22 Oct 2021 11:00 PM PDT

    Episode 372 - Andy Mitchell - VA3CW
    Andy Mitchell, VA3CW, as an eleven year old Boy
    Scout, participated with his small troop in Boy Scout Jamboree on the Air,
    in 1974. This exposure changed the course of Andys life, profession, and interests. Getting on the air and working DX are the simple ham radio
    pastimes that contribute to his free time enjoyment. VA3CW is my QSO Today.

    Show Notes
    Sponsor Transcription
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    VA3CW Website
    Father worked for Bell Canada
    Hometown: Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada
    First License: 1975 Amateur, Age 13 VE3EKF

    First Rig:
    Hallicrafter SX-110 Receiver
    Eico 720 HF Transmitter
    Eico 722 VFO
    Dipole Antenna

    Current Rig:
    FT-818 HF Portable
    FlexRadio 6300 HF SDR Transceiver
    FlexRadio 6700 HF SDR Transceiver

    Test Equipment on Andys Bench:
    Weller Soldering Station
    DMM -Digital Multimeter
    Tektronix 60 Mhz Scope
    Heathkit Signal Tracer

    QSO Today Ham Expo talk: FlexRadio Operating - 100 Watts (and less!) and a Wire - with Questions & Answers

    Charlie Nurnberg VE3AYM
    John Purchase VE3BPJ
    Jim High VE3HWK
    Ian Hale VE3BG

    1974 - Jamboree on the Air
    Boy Scouts of Canada
    Superheterodyne Receiver
    Canada Amateur Radio Licensing Regulations
    RF Hardline 50 Ohm
    RG-6 Coax
    Canada High School Electronics
    Canada 3 year Community College
    Canada Federal Department of Communications
    Litton Systems, Toronto, Ont
    National Railroad of Canada
    Motorola 6801 Microprocessor
    Canwarn Network
    GE Progline
    GE MSTR Mobile Transceiver
    Mocom 70 Mobile Transceiver
    Motorola Crystal Oven
    Mississauga Amateur Radio Club V3MIS
    Social Media
    Maker Movement
    K3NG Arduino Rotator Controller
    Arduino Nano
    Remote QTH Control

    Excited most by: operating on HF, rare DX, and DXpeditions. NodeRed

    Advice to new or returning hams: Expose yourself to whats going on now
    that include change in the technology and hobby. Join your local club.
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    SX-110 GC Receiver Eico 720 HF Novice Transmitter VA3CW Operating Position VA3CW Remote Rig

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