• [VK1DA] SOTA Activations October 2020 to December 2020

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    SOTA Activations October 2020 to December 2020

    Posted: 15 Jan 2021 01:06 AM PST https://vk1da.blog/2021/01/15/sota-activations-october-2020-to-december-2020/

    During this quarter I activated as follows: Black Mountain VK1/AC-042
    (again) on 3rd October 9 contacts on HF, 9 on 2m and 3 on 23cm. VK2/ST-008 (Baldy Range) 10/10 Wade vk1mic and I went first to Baldy Range, activated
    on HF and 2m and 23cm. VK1/AC-008 (Mt Ginini) 11/10 Arrived at Mt Ginini to find Continue reading SOTA Activations October 2020 to December 2020

    SOTA activations July -September 2020

    Posted: 14 Oct 2020 06:58 PM PDT https://vk1da.blog/2020/10/15/sota-activations-july-september-2020/

    During this period I activated the following SOTA summits: vk1/ac-023 Mt
    Coree on 11th July vk2/st-053 Mt Mundoonen on 26 Aug, 4th time this year VK1/AC-042 Black Mt on 27 Aug vk1/ac-044 Boboyan Range on 11th September vk1/ac-021 Pheasant Hill on 12th September vk2/st-005 Webbs Ridge on 17th September vk1/ac-023 Mt Coree on 18th September Continue reading SOTA activations July -September 2020

    9th July 2020- Mt Tumorrama and Tumorrama hill

    Posted: 16 Jul 2020 03:01 AM PDT https://vk1da.blog/2020/07/16/9th-july-mt-tumorrama-and-tumorrama-hill/

    These two summits are fairly near each other, making them an obvious pair
    for a dual activation. The higher of the two is Mt Tumorrama and there is a communications installation on the top, consisting of a compound containing
    a small building, a tower, lots of antennas and at times some spurious
    signals can be Continue reading 9th July 2020- Mt Tumorrama and Tumorrama

    Equipment Repairs

    Posted: 07 Jun 2020 03:19 PM PDT https://vk1da.blog/2020/06/08/equipment-repairs-2/

    Kenwood TR751A pot replacements The Kenwood TR751A 25w multimode radio for
    144 148 MHz is well regarded, with a sensitive receiver and good transmit quality. However the pots installed as dual concentric types for the AF
    Gain, RF Gain, Squelch and RIT functions have a reputation for failing. The manufacturer has discontinued supplying Continue reading Equipment Repairs

    Mt Rob Roy, VK1/AC-031 on 15th May 2020

    Posted: 20 May 2020 06:14 AM PDT https://vk1da.blog/2020/05/20/mt-rob-roy-vk1-ac-031-on-15th-may-2020-2/

    I had been postponing a repeat visit to this summit ever since my only activation in 2013. The first 1km or so is very steep and is quite a
    challenge. However, with many of the VK1 summits inaccessible due to the Namadgi National Park closure, which followed the long running bush fire in
    the summer Continue reading Mt Rob Roy, VK1/AC-031 on 15th May 2020

    Bullen Range, vk1/ac-033, 9th May 2020

    Posted: 14 May 2020 04:24 PM PDT https://vk1da.blog/2020/05/15/bullen-range-vk1-ac-033-9th-may-2020/

    The walk up to the summit of Bullen Range is a 5km effort, with a few steep sections but mostly reasonably level walking along a fire trail. Access is
    from Tidbinbilla Road which connects the village of Tharwa with the
    Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve. Bullen Range is a few km west of the
    Tuggeranong Town Centre. Continue reading Bullen Range, vk1/ac-033, 9th
    May 2020

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