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    Radyo Pilipinas

    Posted: 15 Oct 2021 07:22 PM PDT

    On Sunday

    (10th October 2021) I did a little bit more broadcast short wave
    listening. The first station in the log was Radyo Pilipinas in the
    PHILIPPINES on 15640 kHz on the 19m band.

    Above:- The location of the Philippines. Image c/o Wikipedia
    DZRP Radyo Pilipinas Worldwide, also known as Voice of the Philippines is
    the overseas service of the Philippine Broadcasting Service. The station broadcasts on various shortwave frequencies in the Filippino and English languages.
    During the martial law era in the Philippines, the National Media
    Production Center operated the Voice of the Philippines on AM and
    shortwave. Following the 1986 revolution those broadcasts were abolished.
    The Voice of the Philippines was rebanded as Radyo Pagasa until 1987 when
    it became Radyo Pilipinas.
    More info can be found on the Radyo Pilipinas website at http://radyopilipinas.ph/rp-worldwide

    Radyo Pilipinas was coming through to my location quite well.

    Below is a short video of my reception of Radyo Pilipinas.


    Wikipedia, 2021, <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radyo_Pilipinas_Worldwide>, viewed 16th October 2021.

    Radio New Zealand

    Posted: 15 Oct 2021 05:19 PM PDT https://vk5pas.org/2021/10/16/radio-new-zealand/

    My last station logged for Saturday 9th October 2021 was Radio New Zealand
    on 5980 kHz on the 49m band on shortwave.
    Radio New Zealand, known as Radio NZ or RNZ, is New Zealands public service radio broadcaster. It was established under the Radio new Zealand Act 1995.

    The headquarters of Radio New Zealand is located in Radio New Zealand House
    in Wellington.

    Above:- Radio New Zealand House in Wellington. Image c/o Wikipedia
    Radio NZ was coming through very nicely with an excellent signal and no interference from adjacent stations. There was slight noise on the band

    (static crashes) and slight fading of the signal.

    Below is a short video of my reception of Radio New Zealand.


    Wikipedia, 2021, <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Radio_New_Zealand>, viewed
    16th October 2021.

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