• [SADARS] 14 Oct 2021 - Contests, Past and Future?

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    14 Oct 2021 - Contests, Past and Future?

    Posted: 15 Oct 2021 04:21 AM PDT

    Don, G4LOO began by showing statistics from our CQ-WW SSB entry from 26-27
    Oct 2019, followed by several photos of the site set up.
    The 2019 RUN Beam

    That year we did experience several equipment problems which were reflected
    in the score. However, we did manage to be fourth in our class in England
    out of 8 entries.  Don showed the statistics covering bands worked and
    results achieved hour by hour during the entire contest.

    Of course, 2020 reflected the operating restrictions due to the Covid
    Pandemic lockdown. Only two operators took part working one at a time.
    Their score in Europe was 57 out of 88 stations in their class. However, in England, they achieved First place in their class!

    Don then explained the equipment to be used this year and how the stations would be set up and run. The aerials will be about the same as 2019 with an
    eye on the pitfalls experienced in 2019.

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