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    My Amateur Radio Life

    Back again

    Posted: 13 Oct 2021 06:18 PM PDT https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2021/10/14/back-again-2/

    Dont pay the ransom .. I escaped..

    Two years of camping just had me at the point that there was nothing to
    talk about in the RV Life. We just used the trailer like a cottage and
    outside of the 75 km that was me towing the trailer from the Dealers lot
    to Varty Lake it actually never turned a wheel until it left being towed by
    its new owner on its way to its new home.

    It also seemed that my Ham Radio activites seemed to take a backseat to
    just about everything else so once again I had little to talk about.

    I guess you could day that in reality COVID won because at the end of the
    two years we were not able to travel like we wanted to (and bought the
    trailer for) and that is a sad thing. However we did keep our sanity (for
    the most part) and we did keep COVID at bay and therefor still have our

    So here I am. trying to remember how to use the WordPress software on a new laptop so I can tell you about how I got my FT950 up and running again (if
    I could remember what all the buttons do) and once I get the software up
    and running also getting my Node working again so I make some YSF contacts
    when the HF bands are not playing nice.

    This is almost like starting fresh again like I did so many years ago Lets hope that this time I can or am able to finish what I started way back then.

    Once I get things figured out I still have to work a bit on my WAS (voice/CW/Digital ) from Kingston and my DXCC totals (voice/CW/Digital)
    have not changed in 2 years and that is my plan for the winter months.
    Lots of time in the shack and get those totals to rise.

    Lets hope things happen this time.

    More Later


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