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    Rally News

    Posted: 14 Oct 2021 02:45 AM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2021/10/rally-news.html

    As always at this time, please check beforehand with the organisers to make sure the events are on and not changed, postponed or cancelled.
    BATC online convention - part 2.Essex CW Boot Camp Registration from 8.30am Saturday October 16th.Hornsea Amateur Radio Rally 10am Sunday October
    17thHack Green Radio Suplus Hangar Sale, 10am Sunday October 17th.

    10m FT8 RX (Thursday)

    Posted: 14 Oct 2021 02:27 AM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2021/10/10m-ft8-rx-thursday.html

    My 10m FT8 RX was turned on at 0750z. So far, 2 stations spotted at
    0850z. The furthermost is 4X1QQ (3550km).
    UPDATE 0927z: 6 stations spotted so far on 10m FT8 RX today.

    Sunspots - Thursday October 14th 2021

    Posted: 14 Oct 2021 01:04 AM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2021/10/sunspots-thursday-october-14th-2021.html

    Solar flux is 84 and the SSN 27. A=6 and K=2.

    10m FT8 RX (Wednesday)

    Posted: 13 Oct 2021 08:46 AM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2021/10/10m-ft8-rx-wednesday_13.html

    My RX was turned on at 0835z. So far, no spots.
    UPDATE 1021z: So far today, 23 stations spotted on 10m FT8 RX with the furthermost HS2KYA (9693km) in Thailand.
    UPDATE 1337z: 57 stations spotted on 10m FT8 RX, mostly in Europe.
    UPDATE 1540z: 92 spots on 10m FT8 RX so far today.

    481THz test

    Posted: 12 Oct 2021 11:08 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2021/10/481thz-test.html

    OK, these are tiny steps. Yesterday I did a test reflecting my optical
    beacon from the kitchen, off the museum roof, to the RX in the lounge. I
    would guess the total path was only about 0.2km. The reflected signal was extremely strong, so I might try receiving the reflected signal at my son's house further away.
    Unlike many years ago I am extremely giddy now. At one point the TX crashed
    to the floor. Luckily, nothing was broken.
    I am just too wobbly for field work, but I want to do what I can. Receiving 10wpm CW at my son's house would be a great achievement for me nowadays.

    10m WISPY

    Posted: 12 Oct 2021 11:06 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2021/10/10m-wispy.html

    Although both the TX and RX were built, I never got around to boxing and testing the full transceiver version. It should work, but I have not tried
    it. You may want to use it for your own ideas.

    I have been surprised by the WSPR activity still on 10m. Back in the Es
    season my beacon was widely spotted most days. The same basic idea would
    also work on FT8. It depends on finding suitable, low cost, crystals.
    Please note there was an error on the schematic: the main winding on the inductor in the oscillator collector should have 22 turns and not 9 turns.
    https://sites.google.com/view/g3xbm4/home/hf-mf-and-lf/homebrew/10m-wispy .

    Sunspots - Wednesday October 13th 2021

    Posted: 12 Oct 2021 11:05 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2021/10/sunspots-wednesday-october-13th-2021.html

    Solar flux is 84 and the SSN 26. A=45 and K=3.

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