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    TBDXC Ultra marathon, how is it going...

    Posted: 11 Oct 2021 12:58 PM PDT https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2021/10/tbdxc-ultra-marathon-how-is-it-going.html

    At the start of the year I made one report about the TBDXC Ultra marathon.
    At that time my intention was to write about it every month. Unfortunately
    I didn't do that and this could be a lack of interest. Now a recent
    discussion showed up on DX-World. It is especially interesting to read the comments of course. I understand the frustration for those that are very
    strict and support the True Blue DX group and their believes. I also
    welcome the fact they don't make restrictions for those that also use all
    kind of digital modes (and FT8) instead of pure SSB/CW. However, in my
    opinion this particulair discussion will never end, this frustration post should never been published at all since it doesn't add to the positivity
    the group wants to show.
    To participate in the Ultra Marathon you don't have to be a member of the
    True Blue DX group. And just to quot myself:
    "This is not about winning but participating. However you are free to see
    it as a contest of course. You don't have to be a "True Blue DX club"
    member. And you don't have to agree with their views on how we should make contacts. It's just about having fun!"
    Really, some HAMradio operators take this hobby way too seriously. Having
    fun is the most important thing. Using whatever radio, antenna, power, mode shouldn't divide us. Just smile and be polite if someone does not share
    your views on the hobby, not everyone enjoys it the same way.
    Well, lately my SSB efforts are going uphill. Actually all the time I
    switch on my radio I first look for SSB signals. Only when I do not hear
    any or I don't have much time I'll switch over to FT8. And unfortunately
    that happens a lot. Last Sunday there was superb propagation on 10m, 12m
    and 15m. I can tell because on FT8 I saw signals from all over the world.
    But it was only till late in the afternoon I could make some SSB contacts
    with the USA. And not because I was not calling, yes I did several 15
    minute CQ call sessions but no one replied. However over the week I made
    quite a few SSB QSOs including those made portable from my car.
    Submitting my adif file to the ultra marathon server reveals that I'm at
    4th place. Not bad at all...

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