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    Posted: 08 Oct 2021 11:00 PM PDT

    Episode 370 - Robert Nash - G4GEE
    Dr. Robert Nash, G4GEE, discovered early on that
    amateur radio is a social hobby that makes him a citizen of the World with friendships on every continent. Working DX and dedicating time to his
    local club, the Coventry Amateur Radio Society, is his formula for ham
    radio success. G4GEE is my QSO Today.
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    Hometown: Coventry, UK
    First License: 1976, Amateur Radio Class B, United Kingdom

    Morse Code Mentor: Roy G3DKF
    UK Amateur Radio Class A License with 12 WPM Morse

    Roberts Lesotho Callsign: 7P8DD

    Current Rig:
    Icom 706 Mark I HF Transceiver
    Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver
    70 MHz K4ERO Antenna
    Icom IC-701 HF Transceiver

    Bang & Olufsen Radio with SW Band
    Top Band AM
    British Forces Network
    Scanning Electron Microscope
    University of Saint Andrews, Chemistry, Dundee
    Unraveling of Watson Crick and Andrews
    Tubes, Valves
    University of Newcastle
    General Electric Company, Coventry
    11 Plus Exam English School System
    Jaguar Research Center, Coventry
    West Midlands, UK
    BBC - British Broadcasting
    Barry Sowter G3NAP
    Cornwall Jubilee Week
    Yaesu FT-200 HF Transceiver (sold in USA as Henry Tempo 1)
    Two Meter 4 Element Quad Antenna
    G5RV Antenna
    Cushcraft Vertical Antenna
    DXCC Award
    Worked All Britain Awards
    Shetland Islands
    Country of Lesotho
    Mesaru, Lesotho
    QSL Manager
    Alan Birch G4NXG
    Norwegian Cruise Lines
    Yaesu FT817 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver
    G0NZI Wonderwand Antenna
    Saga Cruise Line
    Russian Aircraft Carrier
    Coventry Amateur Radio Society
    English Secret Listener World War 2
    Bletchley Park
    L. B. Cebik, W4RNL, Antenna Guru
    John K4ERO Antenna
    University of Warwick, Coventry, UK
    Dayton Hamvention
    Ham Radio Friedrichshafen
    Eddie Leighton, ZS6BNE
    Loneliness in Older People

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: lack of new, younger hams.

    Excited most by: digital modes, satellites, and meeting new people.

    Advice to new or returning hams: get on the air and talk to people.
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    4Z1UG. Subscribe Icom IC-706 HF
    Transceiver Icom IC-701 HF Transceiver Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver Henry Tempo One or Yaesu FT-200 HF Transceiver

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