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    2021 Oceania DX Contest

    Posted: 03 Oct 2021 11:10 PM PDT https://vk5pas.org/2021/10/04/2021-oceania-dx-contest/

    The 2021 Oceania DX Contest has been and gone

    (Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd

    I made a total of 676 QSOs with a claimed score of 653,256 points.
    I worked a total of 60 different DXCC entities.
    Countries worked were:-

    AntarcticaAsiatic RussiaAustraliaAustriaBalearic IslandsBelarusBelgiumBosnia-HersegovinaBruneiBulgariaChileChinaCosta RicaCroatiaCyprusCzech RepublicEnglandEstoniaEuropean RussiaFederal Rep of GermanyFijiFinlandFranceGibraltarGreeceHawaiiHong KongHungaryIndiaIndonesiaIrelandItalyJapanKazakhstanLatviaLithuaniaLuxembourgMaltaNetherlandsNew
    ZealandNorthern IrelandNorwayPhilippinesPolandPortugalRep of KoreaRomaniaScotlandSerbiaSingaporeSloveniaSpainSwedenSwitzerlandThailandTrinidad
    & TobagoUkraineUnited StatesWalesWest Malaysia
    I operated on the 10, 15, 20, 40, & 80m bands on SSB.

    10m 3 QSOs.15m 61 QSOs20m 408 QSOs40m 136 QSOs80m 68 QSOs

    Graph showing my contacts per band
    The map below shows my contacts around the world during the Contest. A
    guide to the pins is as follows:

    green 10mlight blue 15morange 20mred 40mdark blue 80m

    The 20m band on the long path into Europe on Saturday afternoon was
    absolutely brilliant. Short path on Saturday evening was also quite good
    on 20m. Unfortunately the contest finished as the 20m band was opening on Sunday. The map below shows my contacts into Europe.

    I made a number of contacts into Japan and South-East Asia, with most of
    those on the 15m band, and just two Japanese stations on 10m.

    My contacts into North America were limited. I worked a few USA on 20m and
    one on 10m. Unfortunately I did not hear too many USA signals on 40m.

    I made a number of contacts around Australia and into New Zealand on 20,
    40, & 80m SSB.

    Thank you to everyone who called.

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