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    Posted: 02 Oct 2021 09:49 AM PDT

    Episode 369 - Alan Thompson - W6WN
    Alan Thompson, W6WN, was a volunteer rescuer to
    the Camp Fire in Northern California a few years ago. This experience made Alan an evangelist for the deployment and use of conventional radio communications and the training that saves lives and property, as a backup
    to the costly but fragile smartphone systems that suddenly do not work in a natural disaster. Alan tells his ham radio story in this QSO Today.

    Show Notes
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    W6WN QRZ

    Hometown: Whittier, California

    First License: Novice, Age 11, WV6ZHL, 1962
    Technician License Upgrade: 1962 WA6ZHL
    Second Youngest Ham Radio Operator in the USA

    Mentor: Harry Debiddle, W6MPD

    Novice Rig:
    Hallicrafters HT40 Transmitter
    Hallicrafters SX71 Receiver
    Dipole - random length wire

    Current Rig:
    Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver
    Icom 2730A in the Car
    AnyTone 868 Dual Band DMR
    Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver
    TYT9800 Quad Band Mobile
    Motorola 1220 Mobile
    Kenwood TK380 HT

    QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo, August 2021, Presentations:
    "Phones, Fire, and Failures"
    "Radio For The Rest Of Us

    Links to printable PDF Tri-fold brochures created to promote and support
    our Neighborhood Radio Watch Program:Neighborhood Radio Watch 1 - 2 - 3
    Step-By Step What is Neighborhood Radio Watch?How to Get Your General
    Mobile Radio Service LicenseUsing Your Two-way RadioRadio "Safety Nets"
    TV Repair Man
    Eldorado County, California
    Shortwave Radio Listener
    Hallicrafters S38 Receiver
    Push-Pull Triode Modulator
    Ameco Code Practice 78 RPM
    Chaparral Communications
    LNA - Low Noise Amplifier
    LNB - Low Noise Block
    Hughesnet Corporation
    Speedcast Satellite
    Butte County Camp Fire
    Vicki and Christina Taft, Butte County Camp Fire
    Single Sideband
    Beat Frequency Oscillator
    "WIIFM" - Whats in it for ME?
    "WIIFU" - Whats in it for our club?

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: relevance. "Amateur radio is
    not a hobby, it is a service".

    Advice to new or returning hams: find a club, in fact, find more than one
    club. The RSS Feed for all audio content from QSO today is available
    from here.

    Please join our QSO Today community by pressing the button below. It is the best way to suggest guests and topics, and provide feedback to Eric,
    4Z1UG. Subscribe Young Alan
    tuning the Novice Rig W6WN Ham Shack Icom IC-2730 Dual Band Mobile Transceiver Xiegu G90 HF Transceiver

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