• [EI8KF] RTTY contesting with N1MM and FLDigi

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    RTTY contesting with N1MM and FLDigi

    Posted: 28 Sep 2021 02:58 AM PDT http://ei8kf.blogspot.com/2021/09/rtty-contesting-with-n1mm-and-fldigi.html

    This weekend I took part in the CQ WW RTTY contest that ran for 48 hours.
    Not being a serious contester I dipped in and out of the contest using my
    Yaesu FT-847 and a hexbeam at around 45 feet.
    I set up N1MM Logger + to work with FLDigi and once I had the two programs talking to each other it was plain sailing. I have used N1MM Logger
    previously during SSB contests so I was already fairly comfortable with its configuration and I had also used DM780 previously with Ham Radio Deluxe although it's not entirely suitable for contesting.
    Getting FLDigi set up was a little more involved but once I had it
    configured I really enjoyed using this combination. I think I may give the UKEICC CW contest a try tomorrow evening..!

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