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    This Week in Amateur Radio

    via HACKADAY: sBITX: Hackable HF SDR For The Raspberry Pi

    Posted: 06 Aug 2021 05:15 PM PDT

    Cheap, easy to use SDR dongles are an immensely powerful tool for learning about radio...

    via HACKADAY: Phase Coherent Beamforming SDR

    Posted: 06 Aug 2021 05:12 PM PDT

    The days when software defined radio techniques were exotic are long gone,
    and we don’t...

    Via the ARRL: ARRL Now Provides Free RF Exposure Calculator

    Posted: 06 Aug 2021 05:10 PM PDT

    The FCC has adopted guidelines and procedures for evaluating environmental effects of RF emissions. Under...

    Via the ARRL: Bouvet Island DXpedition Negotiating with New Charter Vessel, Planning Begins Anew

    Posted: 06 Aug 2021 05:06 PM PDT

    The Intrepid-DX Group’s plans for a 2023 DXpedition to Bouvet Island are back on the front...

    Via the ARRL: Just Released: More Arduino for Ham Radio

    Posted: 06 Aug 2021 05:03 PM PDT

    The new book More Arduino for Ham Radio by popular author and experimenter
    Glen Popiel,...

    Via the ARRL: SSTV Transmissions Scheduled from ISS

    Posted: 06 Aug 2021 05:02 PM PDT

    Friday and Saturday, August 6 – 7, Russian cosmonauts onboard the International Space Station (ISS)...

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