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    An evening of DX portable/mobile contacts

    Posted: 13 Sep 2021 03:10 AM PDT https://vk5pas.org/2021/09/13/an-evening-of-dx-portable-mobile-contacts/

    Last night

    (Monday 12th September 2021) I burnt the midnight oil a little
    and worked a handful of DX portable/mobile stations on 20m on the short
    path. The band was alive with European signals due to the Worked All
    Europe DX Contest, but I focussed on the portable operators who were
    operating outside of the Contest.
    First in the log was Joe M1DLS who was activating Northumbrian Coast
    SPA-Blyth North Beach GFF-0339. Joe was 5/3 and gave me a 5/3 also. The
    map below shows his location.

    Map showing the location of GFF-0339
    The photos below show GFF-0339

    (c/o Google maps).

    I found the video below that was put together by Joe of his activation.

    Next in the log was Mark M0NOM/p who was activating SOTA peak
    Whitbarrow-Lords Seat G/ LD-056 in GFF-0233. Mark was 5/3 and he gave me a 5/7.

    Mark M0NOM. c/o QRZ.com
    The map below shows the location of G/ LD-056 and GFF-0233.

    Above:- The location of G/ LD-056 & GFF-0233
    More info on the summit can be found at..
    Whitbarrow Lords Seat

    This was followed by Balazs HA5GB/p who was activating SOTA peak HA/ KM-028
    in Hungary. The signal reports were 5/3 sent and 4/5 received.

    Next was Rodolfo I4RHP/p who was activating Natura 2000 Alta Valle Del Torrente Sintria IFF-1888 in Italy. The signals were 5/5 both ways. The photos below are c/o https://ambiente.regione.emilia-romagna.it/

    I then spoke with Steve G5EPC who was operating portable with 100 watts and
    a 5/8th vertical antenna. Steve was 5/5 and he gave a 5/6 signal report.
    Steve has a website which can be found at.

    Above:- Steves vertical. c/o his blog
    And finally I spoke with Fraser MM0JHCD/p who was stationary mobile about
    40 miles east of Edinburgh. He was running an Icom IC7100, Heil headset,
    and a MFJ telescopic vertical antenna on the roof of his van. Fraser was
    5/4 and he gave me a 5/5 signal report.

    I did hear a number of other European/UK SOTA and Park activators, but unfortunately they were being drowned out by other European stations taking part in the Worked All Europe DX Contest.

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