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    DXNL 2406 - May 15, 2024
    DX Newsletter

    a free and weekly service of
    DARC Committee "DX"

    Editor: Andreas Salder, DK5ON
    (e-mail: dxmb@darcdxhf.de)

    translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO

    DX Activities

    4X, 4Z, ISRAEL:
    Israeli amateurs may include the figures 76 into their prefix to
    mark the country's 76th anniversary between May 13 and 18, e.g.:
    4Z1RZ turns into 4Z76RZ, 4X1VF turns into 4X76VF, 4X6ZZ turns into

    A9, BAHRAIN:
    A91WTIS commemorates the 159th anniversary of the ITU between May
    11 and 17. QSL via EC6DX.

    The following callsigns (special DOK 75LUFT) commemorate the Berlin
    Air Lift of 1948: DL0GWW for Gatow (British sector), DL0THF (for
    Tempelhof, American sector), DL0TXL (Tegel, French sector). QRV
    between May 12 and June 24. An award is also available, see:
    https://ham-awards.de/index.php/75luft/. QSL only via LoTW, DCL,
    qrz.com; there will be no paper cards. An operating schedule is
    available here:

    Ken, K4ZW, has returned to Addis Abeba and will be active as ET3AA.
    he hopes to eliminate some HF noise sources and set up a new PC at
    the station as well. QSL via N2OO.

    HZ1WTIS will be active between the 10th and 17th. QSL via LoTW.

    Members of the Antwerp Port Radio Club (ON8APC) operate as
    OT2024EPIC until May 19 around the 7th Antwerp Port Epic-Sels
    Trophy, a bicycle race.

    On May 16, the special event station SZ1AB commemorates the
    commissioning of the battleship Georgios Averof 113 years ago. See
    also: https://averof.hellenicnavy.gr/en/istoria-pliou/

    TR, GABON:
    Roland, F8EN, is back in Gabon and operates as TR8CR until June 30,
    maybe even longer. QSL via F6AJA (B); online log at:
    http://lesnouvellesdx.fr/voirlogs.php zu finden sein.

    6E0RM draws attention to the Rally Maya Mexico between May 17 and
    26. QSL via ClubLog, LoTW.

    YI, IRAQ:
    Diya, Z81D/YI1DZ, the president of the Iraqi amateur radio
    organisation has pointed out that the operating permit for YI9WPZ
    (by IZ5WPZ) has not been granted yet and that presently is
    considered an illegal operation.

    Diya, Z81D, has set up all his antennas at his new location and is
    back on 80-10m (SSB, FT8). QSL via OM3JW OQRS, LoTW, eQSL.


    CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
    SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

    AS-004; 5B/ZC, CYPRUS ISLAND: Martin, MW0BRO, will be active from
    Dhekelia as ZC4GW between the 17th and 27th on 40-6m with 100W on
    CW. QSL via LoTW, eQSL; there will be no paper cards.

    AS-013; 8Q, MALDIVE ISLANDS: Watch out for Rolf, DO4RKR, operating
    as 8Q7KR from Joy Island between the 19th and 31st on 10m (SSB).
    QSL via homecall (d/B).

    RG0F (ex RA0FW), plans a short business trip to Paramushir Island
    for May 18 to 21. During his spare time he will be active as RG0F/p
    on 40-10m (CW, FT8). This will be only the second activation of
    this island after the first one in 2019 (R26RRC). QSL via homecall.

    EU-005; G/GM/GW/M/MM/MW, GREAT BRITAIN: Members of the radio club
    MN0NWG commemorate the transatlantic flight of Amelia Earhart, 92
    years ago, with the callsign GB0AEL until the end of May. QSL via
    MI0HOZ (d/B).

    EU-023; 9H, MALTA group: The Malta Amateur Radio League (9H1MRL)
    honours the inauguration of Malta's president Dr. Myriam Spiteri
    Debono with the callsign 9H6HE. QRV until May 31 on 40, 20, 15, and
    10m on CW, SSB, and digital modes. QSL via LoTW.

    start - end DX DXNL
    - 5Z4GO 2405
    17.05. - 20.05. 6E0RM 2406*
    - 05/24 7Q6M 2401
    - 05/24 7Q7WW 2401
    02.05. - 17.05. 9X2AW 2404
    - 11/24 8J1RL 2397
    19.05. - 31.05. 8Q7KR 2406*
    15.05. - 31.05. 9H6HE 2406*
    22.01. - A2NEW 2391
    11.05. - 17.05. A91WTIS 2406*
    11.05. - 19.05. CP7DX 2405
    01.05. - 31.05. CR2GPDX 2404
    01.05. - 31.05. CR3GPDX 2404
    01.05. - 31.05. CS2GPDX 2404
    01.01. - 31.05. DB100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DC100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DD100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DF100FK 2385
    12.05. - 24.06. DL0GWW 2406*
    12.05. - 24.06. DL0THF 2406*
    12.05. - 24.06. DL0TXL 2406*
    01.01. - 31.05. DL100FK 2385
    01.09.23 - 30.06. DL75BRD 2371
    1.01. - 31.05. DM100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DM100MW 2385
    - DM60IOTA 2402
    1.01. - 31.05. DQ100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DR100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DR100PE 2385
    15.10.23 - 15.10.24 EI40FOTA 2375
    - 31.05. EI80MB 2404
    10.01. - EK/RX3DPK 2388
    - ET3AA 2406*
    - 06/2024 FH4VVK 2357
    - 15.05. FK/FO4AE 2405
    - 31.05. GB0AEL 2406*
    01.05. - 28.05. GB6WW 2404
    01.05. - 31.05. HF25NATO 2404
    10.09. - 15.05.24 HK3JCL 2377
    10.05. - 17.05. HZ1WTIS 2406*
    28.01. - J52EC 2392
    - 15.05. KH9/NL7RR 2405
    01.05. - 30.06. LZ44IZ 2390
    01.07. - 31.08. LZ302IT 2390
    01.11. - 31.12. LZ311PA 2390
    01.01. - 31.12. OE100RADIO 2386
    01.05. - 31.10. OE20SOTA 2404
    01.01. - 30.06. OE24BI 2386
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87DL 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87F 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87G 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87HB 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87LA 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87OH 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87OE 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87OK 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87OM 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87OZ 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87SM 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87SP 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87UN 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87VE 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87W 2405
    10.05. - 26.05. OL87YL 2405
    01.01. - 31.12. OR100LGE 2388
    01.05. - 31.05. OR90AL 2404
    18.05. - 21.05. RG0F/p 2406*
    04/24 - 05/24 RI0POL 2403
    - 03/25 RI1ANE 2402
    15.05. - 16.05. SM5/DL2VFR 2405
    01.01. - 31.12. SK100FRK 2390
    01.01. - 31.12. SK50B 2390
    16.05. - 16.05. SZ1AB 2406*
    01.01. - TG9AWS 2388
    08.05. - 15.05. TM13JO 2405
    16.04. - 26.07. TM83JO 2402
    15.05. - 30.06. TR8CR 2406*
    18.01. - TX5S 2389
    10.01. - TZ4AM 2388
    10.05. - 17.05. V4/N5TCH 2405
    10/23 - 10/27 V73ML 2374
    12/23 - 11/24 VK0DS 2386
    29.04 - XU7AGA 2405
    01.05. - 15.05. XU7GNY 2405
    - 06/24 XW4KV 2404
    - 12/25 YB8QT 2330
    - 08/24 YI9WPZ 2405
    12.05. - Z81D 2405
    17.05. - 27.05. ZC4GW 2406*

    * = new or updated
    .. = and other calls

    QSL information
    3A/DL2COM via DL2COM, (L)
    3A/I1YRL via I1YRL (d)
    3B9/HB9FHV/p via HB9FHV
    3B9AT via IV3JVJ and LoTW
    3Z0YL via SP9SX
    3Z0RVG via SP1EG
    3Z1K via SP1KRF
    3Z8GSC via SP8GSC
    4A7L via XE1L (L)
    4K50DHC via 4K4K (d)
    4K6MAR via DC9RI
    4L5P via IK7JTF
    4O/DL2JRM via DL2JRM
    4O/E77DX via E73Y
    4S7KKG via DC0KK, (L)
    4X03I via 4X6ZM
    4X04I via 4X6ZM
    5B4/DL5CW via DL5CW, (L)
    5J3L via HK3LRB, (L)
    5K6RM via HK6RM (B), (L)
    5P1OT via SP1OT
    5W0RS via IT9YVO (d)
    5X4E via IQ3CO (B), IZ3ZLG (d)
    5X7O via DJ6TF
    6D2SOL via XE2M
    6M23VGC via HL4CAF
    7O73T via UA3DX
    7O8AE via M0OXO (O)
    7S2A via SA2SAA, (L)
    8N3N via JA-Bureau, (L)
    8Q7HZ via TA1HZ (L), (e)
    8R7X via M0OXO (O)
    8Z3FD via HZ1SAR (d)
    8Z93ND via HZ1SAR (direct)
    9A/TA7YLY via TA7YLY, (L)
    9J2BO via EA5GL
    A41NN via A61BK (O), (L)
    A44A via EC6DX, (L)
    A52CI via SP6CIK (O)
    A52P via SP9FIH (O)
    A61Q via EA7FTR
    A65/OE5RTP/P via OE5RTP
    A65HS via 9K2HS, (L)
    A8OK via OK6DJ (B), (L), (e)
    AM175DD via EC1DD
    AM23SJH via EA2URE, auto (B)
    AN775DX via EB7DX
    AO175HCJ via EA1HCJ
    AO175YO via EA1YO
    AO275AZ via EA2A, (L), (e)
    AO375RKM via EA3RKM (L), (e)
    AO675EE via EA6EE
    AO8EU via EA3RKF
    ATM2024 via VU2UUU, (L), (e)
    AT2G20 via VU2UUU, (L)
    AT25KVD via VU2LOC
    AT3K via VU2XE (d), (L)
    AT3MOON via VU2UUU
    AT3SM via VU2XE (B), (L)
    AU2HT via VU2ZMK (d)
    AU2JCB via VU2DSI (d), (e)
    AU2RS via M0OXO (O)
    AX37EUDXF via SP7WT (L), (e)
    AX3HAG via VK3HAG (L), (e)
    AX3JL via VK3JL (B), (L), (e)
    AX3JRP via VK3JRP
    BA7LOK via BG7SDV (d)
    C21TS via M0OXO, (d), (L)
    C37UN via C37URA
    C6A/DK7PE via DK7PE
    C91CCY via K3IRV
    CB0ZEW via N2OO (O), (d)
    CB0ZW via N2OO (O), (L)
    CN3A via IK2OHG
    CT9/DF6QV via DF6QV, (L)
    CT9/OM3RG via OM2FY
    DA0BCC via DL2JRM (B), (d), (L)
    DA0CW/p via DF6EX
    DA0HQ via DL5AXX (B)
    DA0LCC via DH4HAN (B)
    DA0TOR via DL9WJM, (L)
    DA24WARD via DL2VFR (B), (d)
    DA3T via DL8DXL
    DB100RDF via DO2PZ
    DB23SOWG via DL2VFR
    DD2D via DK8ZB, (L)
    DF0FDN via DG6SDY
    DF0G via DL9RAR
    DF0RE via DK2YCT (B)
    DF0SX via DL1CW, (L)
    DF0WH via DL2YDX (B), (e)
    DK0A via DH8IAT, (L)
    DK0FY via DK8ZB
    DK100DDSR via DL2BJW (B)
    DK5T/LH via DK5ON (d), (B), (L), (O)
    DL/HA8PG via HA8PG
    DL0E35Y via DL5HAS (B)
    DL0EUF via DJ8NK (B)
    DL0EW via DK9VA
    DL0NOT via DL1ZAV (B)
    DL0PPC via DL6UIP
    DL100ANA via DH7WW (L)
    DL2024EM via DL3EBB (B)
    DL25EUT via DD7GU (B)
    DL4M via DM2RH
    DL60RRDXA via DJ5BWD
    DM24EHF via DL2VFR (B)
    DM88YLF via DJ5YL, (L)
    DP75AFUG via DL2VFR (B), (d)
    DQ100SRC via DK8VR
    DQ650SG via DD3JN (B)
    DR30RRC via RZ3EC (O)
    DR5T via DK7DR
    DR5Z via DJ5RE (L)
    DR60WUNDER via DL0RL, (L)
    DR7T via DF1DN
    DU7/PA0HIP via PA0HIP
    E51TLM via K7TLM (B), (L)
    E7/HB9EFA via HB9EFA
    EA/DL1CW via DL1CW
    EA6/DK1XAM via DK1XAM (B), (d)
    EA7/ON4LO/p via ON4LO
    EF5DGC via EA5WP (d), (L)
    EG1SBO via EA1URL
    EG50GLR via EA1URL (B)
    EG7DMR via EA5RKB, (e)
    FG/F6ASS via F6ASS
    EH5DL via EC5AJU (d), (e)
    ER/UT1ZZ via UT1ZZ, (L), (e)
    FJ4WEB via K2LIO (d), (e)
    FK8HA via K3IRV
    FK8HM via F5MFV, (B), (d), (L)
    FM/EA1BP via EA1BP (d), (L)
    G2E via M0ORD, (L)
    G2L via G8ATD
    GB0RTM via G1UGH, (e)
    GB0SRW via GM4JPZ
    GB2CLS via M1BFI, (L)
    GD2TT via GM2TT, (L)
    GD6DX via GM6DX, (L)
    GD6ICR via G6ICR, (L)
    GS3PYE via (OQRS only)
    GX1FCW via G1FCW (e)
    H25A via LZ3SM
    HB0/HB9HOC via HB9HOC
    HB0/OH2YL via OH2YL (B)
    HB20SP via HB9SP (L), (e)
    HB9/IW1PRT via IW1PRT (L), (e)
    HF0ROSA via SP7X and (e), (L)
    HF5WOSP via SQ5ABG
    HF80LUFT via SP3PGX
    HG150BP via HA5OW (e)
    HI8/VA2VKG via VA2VKG (d)
    HV5PUL via IW0DJB (d), (L)
    II2C via IK2FTB, (L), (e)
    II3AAV via IQ3VI
    II9IABJ via IT9YBL
    IM0/DL2JRM via DL2JRM
    IM0/I5JVA via IK2WAD (B), (d)
    IO5O via IK5RLP (L)
    IQ0JY via IS0FRV, (d)
    IQ5VK via E7URI (B); IZ5MMH (d)
    IR1GM via IK1XPK, (L), (e)
    IR0RIVA via IS0AFM (d), (L)
    IY9MM via IT9MRM (d), (L)
    J43POTA via SV3SPC (L), (e)
    J62K via K9HZ (d), (L)
    J88BTI via EA5GL
    JD1BMH via JG7PSJ (d); JD1BMH (B)
    K3S via K3LU (direct)
    KH0/KC0W via KC0W only (d)
    KP2B via EB7DX, (L)
    LA/OS4K/P via ON6BW, (L)
    LS5H via EA5GL, (L)
    LU4DJB via EC6DX (d), (L)
    LT7Y via LU7YG (d), (L), (e)
    LY20EU via LY2QT
    LZ74IPA via LZ3HI
    LZ99MT via LZ3DC
    MM/F5DBT via F5DBT (d), (L)
    MP7DX via G4DIY (d), (L)
    NE1C via KX1X
    NL8F via N7RO, (L)
    NP4G via NP3O (d), (L)
    OA2/PY3ZY via PY3ZY (d)
    OI1AY/MM via OH1AJ
    OI5AY/AM via OI5AY, OH-Bureau, (L)
    OJ0T via EA5GL, (L)
    OK4C via OK1DSZ, (L)
    ON/DL6GCA/p via DL6GCA
    OR24WARD via (O), (L), (e)
    OZ0ROM via DK1VK
    P3D via VE3DZ (O)
    P3X via 5B4AMM, (L)
    P40AA via DL4MM, (O), (L)
    P40L via WA3FRP, (L)
    PF99MILL via PF9W, (L)
    PI45IPARC via PI4IPA
    PJ2/DK5ON via DK5ON, (d), (B), (L), (O)
    PJ2/ND8L via ND8L (d), (L)
    PJ2/W4IPC via EB7DX, (L)
    PJ5/DK7PE/P via DK7PE
    PJ5/SP9FIH via SP9FIH (O), (L)
    PJ7PF via DM2PF (O)
    PJ7PH via DM7HB (O)
    PX5M via PP5BT
    PZ5DX via UA2FM (d), (L)
    R8LA via RW6HS (d) only
    RI41POL via RN3RQ
    RL3A via W3HNK
    SK100KTH via SK0BU, (L)
    SM7/DL2SWW via DL2SWW
    SV3/DH7IF/p via DH7IF, (L)
    TM13JO via F5SDD
    TT8RR via I2YSB (d)
    TT8XX via I2YSB (d)
    UN3M via M0OXO (O), (L)
    UN7LAN via RN3RQ, (L), (e)
    UP1G via UN5G (d)
    V26MN via DF8AN (B)
    V31XX via K4XS (d)
    V31CQ via K5PS (O), (L)
    V51WH via DK2WH
    V55Y via DK2WH
    VI60IOTA via M0OXO (O)
    VJ3A via VK3JA, (L)
    VK9DX via VK2DX (d), (L)
    VP2ETE via W3HNK, (L)
    VP2MMN via DF8AN (B)
    VP6G via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    W4M via AA4SS (d), (L)
    XR7D via CE7NXQ (d)
    YQ75MSCC via YO2KBQ (B)
    YR20RRO via YO5KUC
    Z30GOCE via Z37RSM, (L)
    ZC4RH via DK6SP, (L)
    ZF2OO via WB2REM (O), (L)
    ZL100AC via ZL2CAZ

    (d) = direct (B) = bureau ok (L) = LoTW (O) = OQRS
    (C) = ClubLog (e) = eQSL (*) = new manager (Q) = QRZ.COM

    Abbreviations in this DXNL:
    ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
    DCI D.C.I. (Diploma Castelli Italia) http://www.dcia.it/dci/
    DCPC D.C.P.C. (Diploma Castelli Provincia Cuneo)
    DFCF Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France
    DIFM Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine
    H/c Homecall
    ILLW International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
    IOCA Islands Of Croatia Award
    IOTA Islands on the Air
    LoTW Logbook of the World
    OQRS Online QSL Request System
    POTA Parks On The Air
    RDA Russian District's Award Program
    RLHA Russian Lighthouse Award
    SNSM Societe Nationale des Sauveteurs en Mer
    URE Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles
    WCA World Castles Award
    WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air Award
    WRTC World Radiosport Team Championship
    WWFF World Wide Flora & Fauna

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