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    Post : Fraser Does Pikes Peak
    URL : https://www.k0nr.com/wordpress/2024/03/fraser-does-pikes-peak/ Posted : 16 March 2024 at 9:18 am
    Author : Bob K0NR
    Categories : Colorado, Ham Radio, HF, SOTA, VHF/UHF

    Pikes Peak is a great summit for a SOTA activation ( https://www.k0nr.com/wordpress/2022/06/sota-activation-pikes-peak/ ) . You
    can hike up, drive up, or take the cog railway to get to the top. Pikes
    towers over eastern Colorado and has an excellent radio horizon in all directions. It is easy to work a bunch of stations on 2m FM. With a bit of effort, you can work Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming, and New Mexico on VHF.


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