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    DXNL 2393 - February 14, 2024
    DX Newsletter

    a free and weekly service of
    DARC Committee "DX"

    Editor: Andreas Salder, DK5ON
    (e-mail: dxmb@darcdxhf.de)

    translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO

    DX Activities

    8R, GUYANA:
    Ops Sven, DJ4MX, Philipp, DK6SP, Tomi, HA8RT, and Jamie, M0SDV,
    operate as 8R7X from the 14th to 24th. QRV on 160-6m (CW, SSB,
    RTTY, FT8). For more details see: https://8r-2024.com. QSL via

    PZ5JW/B is a new beacon on 50.080 MHz in square GJ25, running
    solar-powered 10W.

    V3, BELIZE:
    Uwe, DL8UD, will be active as V31KO between Feb. 15 and March 6.
    During the ARRL DX CW and SSB contests and the CQWW 160m SSB
    contest he uses the callsign V3O. QSL via homecall (d/B).


    CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
    SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

    AF-022; ZD7, ST HELENA ISLAND: Oliver, W6NV, will be active in the
    upcoming ARRL DX CW Contest as ZD7W. QSL via W6NV (d/B).

    AF-049; 3B8, MAURITIUS (MAURICE) ISLAND: David, OK6DJ, signs
    3B8/OK6DJ from the 20th to 27th on 40-10m (CW). QSL via ClubLog
    OQRS, LoTW.

    NA-005; VP9, BERMUDA ISLANDS: Darrell, AB2E, operates as VP9/AB2E
    until Feb. 19 on HF (CW, some FT8). QSL via homecall (d/B).

    NA-106; KP2, VIRGIN ISLANDS: N9TTK, NE9U, and W9RE will be
    operating the ARRL contest together as NP2X. QSL via KU9C.

    OC-049; A3, TONGATAPU GROUP: Hrane, YT1AD, Stevan, YU3AA, Anatoly,
    RC9O, and Olga, UA9OLY, activate Tonga as A35AD (YT1AD), A35AA
    (YU3AA), A35LY (UA9OLY), and A35RC (RC9O) between Feb. 20 and 27.
    QSL via homecalls.

    OC-054, FW, WALLIS ISLANDS: LZ1GC (FW8CG) and LZ5QZ (TX8GC) are
    going to put Wallis Isl. on the air from Feb. 19 until March 9. QRV
    on 160-10m (CW, SSB, RTTY, FT4/8). QSL via LoTW.

    SA-036; P4, ARUBA ISLAND: John, W2GD, will be back on the air as
    P44W for the ARRL DX CW Contest. QSL via N2MM (d), LoTW.

    start - end DX DXNL
    20.02. - 27.02. 3B8/OK6DJ 2393*
    27.02. - 01.03. 3D2AB 2392
    27.02. - 01.03. 3D2AD 2392
    27.02. - 01.03. 3D2LY 2392
    27.02. - 01.03. 3D2RC 2392
    10.02. - 18.02. 4L/K6VHF 2392
    - 30.03. 4S7KKG 2379
    10.02. - 19.02. 5W0AA 2392
    10.02. - 19.02. 5W0LY 2392
    10.02. - 19.02. 5W0RC 2392
    10.02. - 19.02. 5W8A 2392
    12.02. - 20.02. 5X1XA 2392
    03.02. - 16.04. 6W6/ON4AVT 2392
    - 01/24 6Y/AC6XT 2388
    14.02. - 24.02. 8R7X 2393*
    01.01. - 31.12. 9A100RKZ 2390
    01.01. - 31.12. 9A67AA 2390
    22.01. - A2NEW 2391
    20.02. - 27.02. A35AA 2393*
    20.02. - 27.02. A35AD 2393*
    20.02. - 27.02. A35LY 2393*
    20.02. - 27.02. A35RC 2393*
    01.01. - 31.03. AT3POG 2386
    01/24 - 04/24 C6ABJ 2388
    10.02. - 24.02. CB0ZA 2392
    10.02. - 24.02. CE0ZEW 2392
    - 15.03. CN2YD 2386
    01.01. - 31.05. DB100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DC100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DD100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DF100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DL100FK 2385
    01.09.23 - 30.06. DL75BRD 2371
    1.01. - 31.05. DM100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DM100MW 2385
    20.01. - 01.03. DP0GVN 2389
    20.01. - 01.03. DP1POL 2389
    1.01. - 31.05. DQ100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DR100FK 2385
    01.01. - 31.05. DR100PE 2385
    - 15.02. DU7ET 2391
    09.01. - 30.03. EM1UTQ 2392
    - 06/2024 FH4VVK 2357
    15.10.23 - 15.10.24 EI40FOTA 2375
    10.01. - EK/RX3DPK 2388
    11.01. - 15.03. FM/F6BWJ 2388
    04.02. - 11.03. FR4AV 2391
    21.02.24 - 06.03.24 FS/KC9EE 2380
    - 01/24 FW1JG 2388
    19.02. - 09.03. FW8CG 2393*
    10.02. - 29.04. H44MS 2391
    10.09. - 15.05.24 HK3JCL 2377
    25.11. - 21.03.24 HR5/F2JD 2382
    28.01. - J52EC 2392
    15.01. - 15.04. JD1/JG8NQJ 2388
    01.01. - 29.02. LZ235IR 2390
    01.03. - 30.04. LZ543BN 2390
    01.05. - 30.06. LZ44IZ 2390
    01.07. - 31.08. LZ302IT 2390
    01.11. - 31.12. LZ311PA 2390
    17.02. - 18.02. NP2X 2393*
    01.01. - 31.12. OE100RADIO 2386
    01.01. - 30.06. OE24BI 2386
    04.10.23 - 04.04.24 OE40WO 2386
    01.01. - 31.12. OR100LGE 2388
    17.02. - 18.02. P44W 2393*
    05.02. - 12.02. P49X 2392
    11.01. - 03.04. PJ5/SP9FIH 2388
    - 03/25 RI1ANE 2386
    01.01. - 31.12. SK100FRK 2390
    01.01. - 31.12. SK50B 2390
    12.02. - 15.02. T88PB 2392
    01.02. - 29.02. TC6EQ 2392
    01.01. - TG9AWS 2388
    28.12.23 - 28.02.24 TR8CR 2386
    29.02. - 03.03. TX0QRP 2390
    18.01. - TX5S 2389
    19.02. - 09.03. TX8CG 2393*
    10.01. - TZ4AM 2388
    06.02. - 20.02. V26CV 2391
    15.02. - 06.03. V30KO 2393*
    15.02. - 06.03. V30O 2393*
    12/22 - 03/23 V31TX 2333
    08.02. - 23.03. V5/DL7ATA 2392
    16.11. - 30.04. V51WH 2380
    10/23 - 10/27 V73ML 2374
    - 02/24 VK0AW 2387
    12.23 - 11.24 VK0DS 2386
    11.01. - 11.04. VP2MDX 2388
    14.02. - 19.02. VP9/AB2E 2393*
    - 06/24 XW4KV 2384
    - 12/25 YB8QT 2330
    17.02. - 18.02. ZD7W 2393*

    * = new or updated
    .. = and other calls

    QSL information
    3A/I1YRL via I1YRL (d)
    3B9AT via IV3JVJ and LoTW
    3Z1K via SP1KRF
    3Z8GSC via SP8GSC
    4A7L via XE1L (L)
    4K50DHC via 4K4K (d)
    4K6MAR via DC9RI
    4S7KKG via DC0KK, (L)
    4X7R via 4X6OM
    4X6TT via N4GNR (d), (L)
    5B4AMM via UT5UDX, (L)
    5J3L via HK3LRB, (L)
    5K6RM via HK6RM (B), (L)
    5P1OT via SP1OT
    5X4E via IQ3CO (B), IZ3ZLG (d)
    5X7O via DJ6TF
    6M23VGC via HL4CAF
    7O73T via UA3DX
    7O8AE via M0OXO (O)
    7S2A via SA2SAA, (L)
    8N3N via JA-Bureau, (L)
    8Z93ND via HZ1SAR (direct)
    9A/KA4JAM via KA4JAM (d), (L)
    9A67AA via 9A2AA
    9H6S via 9H1PI
    9K9UAE via EC6DX
    9N1CA via EA5ZD (d), (L)
    9Q2WX via IZ8CCW, (L)
    A41NN via A61BK (O), (L)
    A44A via EC6DX, (L)
    A60AP via EA7FTR
    A61BG via EA7FTR, (L)
    A61DI via EA7FTR
    A61Q via EA7FTR
    A61QQ via A61BK, (L)
    A62A via EA7FTR, (L)
    A65HS via 9K2HS
    A71VV via M0OXO, (O), (L)
    A91ARS via EC6DX, (L)
    A91GCC via EC6DX, (L)
    AC6XT/6Y via JA7FYF (B)
    AM23SF via EA1CW
    AM25UPCT via EA5K, (L)
    AM775CPT via EB5URT
    AO100RADIO via EA4URE
    AO100WDC via EA5RKB, (L)
    AO175FBM via EA5RKB, (L)
    AO23DMPC via EA5RKB, (L)
    AO30MRB via EA6SB
    AO5PAZ via EA5URV (B), (L), (e)
    AO6MTPH via EA6SB
    AO6SS via EA6ZX (d)
    AO6URB via EA6ZX (d)
    AP5ARS via IK2DUW (d), (L)
    ATM2024 via VU2UUU, (L), (e)
    AT2G20 via VU2UUU, (L)
    AT3K via VU2XE (d), (L)
    AT3MOON via VU2UUU
    AT3SM via VU2XE (B), (L)
    AU2HT via VU2ZMK (d)
    AU2JCB via VU2DSI (d), (e)
    AX37EUDXF via SP7WT (L), (e)
    AX3HAG via VK3HAG (L), (e)
    AX3JL via VK3JL (B), (L), (e)
    AX3JRP via VK3JRP
    BA7LOK via BG7SDV (d)
    C21TS via M0OXO (d), (L)
    C37UN via C37URA
    C91CCY via K3IRV
    CB8E via CE8EIO (d)
    CN24M via CN8WW
    CO7DSR via IK2DUW (d), (L)
    CO7MTL via IK2DUW (d), (L)
    CP5HK via EC6DX (d)
    CQ8AOV via CT7AOV, (L)
    CR3A via OM2VL
    CR3DX via OM2VL, (L)
    CR3W via DL5AXX, (L)
    CR5O via CT7AJL, (L)
    CS2MD via CS5NRA
    CS2P via CT1ARR
    CS7/DO1HKH via DO1HKH
    CT3BH via OH2BH
    CT8/HB9JNH via HB9JNH
    CT9/NZ1C via DD5ZZ, (L)
    CT9/W0CCA/p via W0CCA
    CT9ABN via OM2VL
    CT9ABV via DL5AXX, (L)
    CW5W via CX6VM (d), (L)
    CW5X via CX2ABC (d)
    CX1VH via EA7FTR
    CX90RCU via CX1AA (CX-Bureau), (d)
    D44PM via IZ4DPV, (L)
    D4M via IZ4DPV
    DA0CW/p via DF6EX
    DA0HQ via DL5AXX (B)
    DA0LCC via DH4HAN (B)
    DA0TOR via DL9WJM, (L)
    DB100FK via DB100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DB100RDF via DO2PZ
    DB23SOWG via DL2VFR
    DC100FK via DC100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DD100FK via DD100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DF0FDN via DG6SDY
    DF0SX via DL1CW, (L)
    DF0WH via DL2YDX (B), (e)
    DF100FK via DF100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DK0A via DH8IAT, (L)
    DK0FY via DK8ZB
    DK100DDSR via DL2BJW (B)
    DK5T/LH via DK5ON (d), (B), (L), (O)
    DL0EUF via DJ8NK (B)
    DL0EW via DK9VA
    DL0NOT via DL1ZAV (B)
    DL0PPC via DL6UIP
    DL100ANA via DH7WW (L)
    DL100FK via DL100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DL2024EM via DL3EBB (B)
    DL75BRD via DL2VFR
    DM100FK via DM100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DM100MW via DM100MW (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DM24EHF via DL2VFR (B)
    DQ100FK via DQ100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DQ100SRC via DK8VR
    DQ650SG via DD3JN (B)
    DR100FK via DR100FK (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DR100PE via DR100PE (e), (L), (C), (D)
    DR30RRC via RZ3EC (O)
    DR5T via DK7DR
    DR60WUNDER via DL0RL, (L)
    DR7T via DF1DN
    DU1/NK4R via NK4R (d), (L)
    DU3/WA7WJR via WA7WJR (d), (L)
    DU37EUDXF via PA1AW, (L)
    E2A via E21EIC and LoTW
    E730S via E77AR
    E750ESP via E76AA and LoTW
    E7HQ via E70ARA, (L)
    E7MILMIL via E74BYZ
    E7TESLA via E74BYZ
    EA3/W0CCA/P via W0CCA
    EA5/F5TDK via F5TDK
    EA6/DK5ON via DK5ON (d), (B), (L), (O)
    EG8CDT via EA8CMY
    EH2EUS via EA2TP (O), (L)
    EH24HNY via EA5TW
    EX0M via DF8WS
    FJ4WEB via K2LIO (d), (e)
    FK/F5NHJ via F5NHJ (O), (L)
    FM/F8AAN via F8AAN (d), (L)
    FS/K0CD via K0CD, (L)
    FW2CW via ZL3CW (O), (L)
    FY/F5SSI via F5SSI nur (e)
    G2E via M0ORD, (L)
    G2L via G8ATD
    GX1FCW via G1FCW (e)
    H25A via LZ3SM
    HK3C via M0URX (O), (L)
    HK3JCL via DK8LRF
    HZ30EXPO via HZ1SAR (d)
    HZ9WSW via HZ1SAR (d)
    IB2BGBS via IQ2CP (B)
    IG9/S57DX via S57DX (B)
    II0LOVE via IQ0TE
    II4TENC via IQ4FE
    IL3P via IU3EDK
    IQ9AAL via IT9YEM (d)
    IY5PIS via IK5WOB
    J43POTA via SV3SPC (e) only
    J79WTA via HB9MFM, (L)
    J88IH via VP2EIH (L)
    K3S via K3LU
    K5K via KD4VVZ (d)
    KL7RRC via N7RO (O), (L)
    KP2B via EB7DX, (L)
    LA/DL4HCF via DL4HCF, (L)
    LX8RTTY via LX1DA, (L)
    MD7C via M0OXO (O), (L)
    MI5I via GI0RQK
    N2NL via KN4NL
    N5E via KE5BZE (d)
    NE1C via KX1X
    NL8F via N7RO, (L)
    OE60RRDXA via OE6VIE, (O), (L)
    OE8Q via OE8SKQ (L)
    OF60IRON via OH8DR
    OG1F via OH1F (O), (L))
    OG100AK via OH1AK
    OG1XMAS via OH1NOA (O), (L), (e)
    OG3B via OH3RB
    OH3Z via OH1NX and (L)
    OH5Z via OH7CW (d), (O), (L)
    OI3V via OH3KAV (L), (B)
    OJ0JR via OH3JR (L)
    OK7O via OK1DOL
    OL1Z via OK2WZN, (L)
    OL2T via OK2TC
    OL23RADIO via OK1MP, (O), (L)
    OL4ACF via OK1AR (B)
    OL68DURAK via OK2RZ
    OL100RADIO via OK1MP, (O), (L)
    OL4ACF via OK1AR
    OL5DIG via OK1AR
    OL750HOL via OK1MR, (L)
    OM30RRC via RZ3EC (O)
    OM7K via OM7RU (B), (L)
    ON4IPA via ON6ZV
    OP4W via ON4BWT
    OR7T via ON7YD
    OR8A via ON8VA
    OS5Z via ON5CAZ
    OS75ENSOR via ON4OS
    OS8A via ON8VK (L)
    OT65BXE via ON5UB
    OQ23BIA via ON2WAB
    OQ4U via ON4AMX, (L)
    OQ95RCL via ON3AR, (L)
    OT2X via ON6YX
    OT40PRA via ON8JJ
    OT4I via ON7QD
    OT4N via ON4CN, (L)
    OZ24QUEEN via OZ1ACB (O)
    OZ30EU via OZ8IE, (L)
    P3D via VE3DZ (O)
    P40AA via DL4MM, (O), (L)
    P40L via WA3FRP, (L)
    PA1UN via DK2BK (B)
    PA24CC via PA2TMS
    PA6AA via PB7Z, (L)
    PA6S via PC2KY
    PA80STAR via PA1UN
    PB37EUDXF via PA1AW
    PC100II via PA1AW
    PD50VOP via PD0ARI
    PE00T via PA2TMS
    PF23MAX via PF1B
    PF37EUDXF via PA1AW
    PG37EUDXF via PA1AW
    PH37EUDXF via PA2TMS
    PI30KAR via PI4KAR
    PI37EUDXF via PA1AW
    PI4CG via PD2GSP
    PI4DX via PD1DX, (L)
    PI4COM via PA1AW, (L)
    PJ2/DK5ON via DK5ON, (d), (B), (L), (O)
    R8LA via RW6HS (d) only
    RI41POL via RN3RQ
    RL3A via W3HNK
    S77SARA via S76P (d)
    SC50AG via SM2CEW (B)
    SC6O via SM6OEF, (L)
    SD7M/6 via DF9TM
    SE2P via SM2MTR
    SE2T via SM2YIZ, (L)
    SE6R via SM6RSE
    SK100FRK via SK4AO
    SK100KTH via SK0BU
    SM2A via SM2ILF, (L)
    SM7/DM5RC/p via DM5RC
    SN15AXI via SQ3LMR
    SP32WOSP via SP3PGX
    SP85SKK via SP9PNB
    SQ600LD via SP7PGK
    SX1QANK via SV1AHH (L), (e)
    T41DX via RW6HS nur (d)
    T71SNM via T70A (d)
    T88HV via JH6JWE, (L)
    TF3T via TF3MH, (L)
    TF3W via TF3MH, (L)
    TG9ADQ via VE7BV, (L)
    TI5/N3KS via M0URX (O), (L)
    TK/F6GLS via F6GLS (e)
    TM100GE via F8GGZ (B)
    TM125ED via F4KLR
    TM17FFF via F4GFE
    TM200JHF via F5KPO
    TM21AAW via F8DVD
    TM26PVJ via F8GGZ (B), (e)
    TM3Z via F4DSK
    TM400BPA via F5KDC
    TM4S via F6HBI (B), (L), (e)
    TM4Y via F6KGL (B)
    TM50KRK via F6KRK (B)
    TM63RWC via F4KLW
    TM7M via F1UVN (eQSL)
    TM8MBH via F5ADR (B)
    UA5R via RN3RQ
    UN3M via M0OXO (O), (L)
    UP1G via UN5G (d)
    V31XX via K4XS (d)
    V31CQ via K5PS (O), (L)
    V4/N2HX via N2HX
    V4/N4RF via N4RF (d), (L)
    VK9DX via VK2DX (d), (L)
    XL3A via VE3AT
    XP3A via PA3249 (d), (L), (e)
    XU7AKU via JA1DXA, (L)
    XW4DX via F4BKV
    YB0AR via EB7DX (d), (L)
    YT8A via YU1EA, (L)
    Z21NRT via EA5GL, (L)
    Z30HQ via Z37RSM (B)
    Z3100TC via TC100TC, (B)
    Z36T via DJ0LZ nur (d)
    Z66BCC via DL2JRM (B)
    Z68BB via S53BB
    Z68XX via DL2JRM (B)
    ZA/IW2JOP via IW2HAJ, (L), (e)
    ZD7Z via IK2DUW (d), (O), (L)
    ZD8BG via KI4PRK
    ZF2OO via WB2REM (O), (L)
    ZF2PG via K8PGJ (d), (L)
    ZF2SS via KO7SS (L)
    ZL3P via ZL3PAH (L) only
    ZM1A via ZL3CW, (d), (L)
    ZQ2HRH via ZB2BU (d)
    ZV5WPC via PU5AOA (d)
    ZW1MAR via PY1JR
    ZW2N via PY2MNL (L) only
    ZW2RA via PY2UTU (d)
    ZW5L via PY5DCL (e)
    ZX2E via OH2MM (B)
    ZX4F via PY4YY, (L)
    ZY8BJ via PS8PL nur (L)
    ZS1AFS via N4GNR (d)
    ZS9V via M0OXO (O), (L)
    ZZ3CVM via PY3CEN
    ZZ5BB via PP5DZ

    (d) = direct (B) = bureau ok (L) = LoTW (O) = OQRS
    (C) = ClubLog (e) = eQSL (*) = new manager (Q) = QRZ.COM

    Abbreviations in this DXNL:
    ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
    DCI D.C.I. (Diploma Castelli Italia) http://www.dcia.it/dci/
    DCPC D.C.P.C. (Diploma Castelli Provincia Cuneo)
    DFCF Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France
    DIFM Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine
    H/c Homecall
    ILLW International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
    IOCA Islands Of Croatia Award
    IOTA Islands on the Air
    LoTW Logbook of the World
    OQRS Online QSL Request System
    POTA Parks On The Air
    RDA Russian District's Award Program
    RLHA Russian Lighthouse Award
    SNSM Societe Nationale des Sauveteurs en Mer
    URE Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles
    WCA World Castles Award
    WLOTA World Lighthouse On The Air Award
    WRTC World Radiosport Team Championship
    WWFF World Wide Flora & Fauna

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    I1JQJ/IK1ADH & 425 DX News, DX World, DXNews.com, VA3RJ, KB8NW &
    OPDX-Bulletin, DF6EX (fuer WIN-QSL), DL1BAH, DL1SBF, DL3FF, DL7MAE,
    F6AJA & Les Nouvelles DX, Islands On The Air, NG3K & ADXO, OE2IKN,
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