• Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Event Sept 2021

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    Essex Ham

    Essex & Herts Air Ambulance Event Sept 2021

    Posted: 10 Sep 2021 12:57 PM PDT https://feedpress.me/link/22841/14743830/essex-herts-air-ambulance-event-sept-2021.html

    In September 2021, Essex Ham will again be supporting International Air Ambulance Week. Well be at Earls Colne Airfield, the home of the Essex &
    Herts Air Ambulance on Saturday the 11th of September, operating with the callsign GB4EAA.

    IAAW is a nine-day amateur radio event to support the work done by Air Ambulance services around the world, and were proud to be supporting the
    Essex & Herts Air Ambulance for this years event. The following video (from
    a previous year) summarises the event:

    Supporting the event

    We hope that as many of you as possible will be able to make contact with GB4EAA. We aim to be on-air from 10.30am until hopefully 5pm on HF and 2m frequencies will be announced on Twitter. If youre collecting the IAAW
    award, our Air Ambulance Station Number is A012.

    Everyones welcome to attend and hopefully to do some operating. Come
    along to help support the event, and spend some time with the team at
    Anglian Flight Centres, a busy flying school.
    Attending / Visiting GB4EAA What you need to know.

    We have a limited space from which to operate. For this event, you will not
    be able to bring along your own radio kit and set up your own station
    unless it has been pre-arranged with Pete M0PSX this is due to
    restrictions at the location. (If you want to operate and use your own
    radio for Covid-reasons, this can be arranged)
    We are guests of the Anglian Flight Centres, an active airfield. We must
    obey their rules at all times, including Covid restrictions. Visitors to
    GB4EAA should report the Essex Ham station to be briefed. Access to the
    apron, aircraft and air ambulance hanger is restricted for obvious reasons
    In previous years, weve been lucky to see several aircraft launches as well
    as operate HF and VHF stations. As this is an active airfield and the Air Ambulance is on-call, there are no guarantees.
    Theres free parking at the airfield, and on Saturday, were very close to a burger van for excellent breakfast and lunch. The flight school has basic tea-making facilities in return for a small donation, and they kindly allow
    us to use their loos.
    Essex Air Ambulance is a registered charity. Essex Ham asks that all
    visitors to GB4EAA make a donation to the Essex Air Ambulance. A collecting
    tin will be available during the event. Please show your support and make a donation. Please bring some cash!

    Please keep an eye on Essex Hams Twitter feed for updates on the event. Location:

    Anglian Flight Centres Ltd

    Earls Colne Business Pk Airfield

    Lancaster Way

    Earls Colne

    Colchester CO6 2NS

    If you cant make the event please try to work us on-air (updates on frequencies via Twitter), and of course make a donation (see below).

    Donate to the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance

    It costs thousands of pounds a month to keep the Essex & Herts Air
    Ambulances flying, and your support is needed.

    Please show your support for the excellent work that the Air Ambulance
    does. Collecting tins are situated around the county. You can also donate online, by post, or on the phone See ehaat.org
    GB4EAA Group Shot from 2017

    Essex Ham is an official supporter of Essex Air Ambulance. Supporter ID:
    Our Thanks

    Our thanks to team at Anglian Flight Centres at Earls Colne Airfield for allowing us to set up our stations in support of the Essex & Herts Air Ambulance.
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