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    10K + Goal Progress

    Posted: 08 Sep 2021 07:25 AM PDT

    When I started CWT #58 this morning, I was sitting at 9,996 confirmed in LotW.  When I uploaded my log, I bumped over 10,000 confirmed QSOs in LotW.

    At the beginning of each year I set some goals for myself.  Checking my progress for the 2021 goals:

    Teach a Technician Class (Yep, did that this spring)
    Reach 1500 Band-Points in the DXCC Challenge (closer after adding 27 to get
    to 1479)
    Complete DXCC on 160-Meters (no closer at all, still at 93)
    Reach a total of 50 park activations in RI (ten more to go, Im at 40)
    Add 1,500 QSOs to the log (killed it! Added 3,060 so far this year)

    I doubt I will complete DXCC on 160 (although the new season will be
    starting in a month or so).  The same holds true for DXCC Challenge 1500,
    with 21 more to go.  But we will see.  I should be able to get ten more
    parks (there are 52 now), now that the summer crowds are going away.

    If I could add a new goal, it would be to compete in at least 80 CWTs.  I
    did my 58th for the year this morning, and didnt know about them until
    May.  There are 50 CWTs left to go in 2021.  Given that my antenna has
    taken a hit twice so far this year, this is far from certain with 2.5
    months of hurricane season left to go.

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