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    The DXZone.com Amateur Radio Internet Guide

    Top Amateur Radio Websites - Issue 2134


    Magnetic Loop Antenna for 2 meters, PA0RDT MiniWhip, J-Pole antenna for UHF Bands, 432 MHz 100W RF Power Amplifier, EME user guide by IK1UWL, An 8x2 Element Array Antenna For 144 MHz, F6GCI propagation

    The FT-817 Calibration Menu


    Radio Equipment/HF Transceivers/Yaesu FT-817
    One of the interesting features of the FT-817 is that many of the
    conventional calibration settings that would have, in the past, been done
    using manual adjustments of coils, capacitors, and potentiometers, are done
    via software.

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