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    Posted: 04 Sep 2021 10:02 AM PDT

    Episode 366 - James Condon - AD4YM
    Jim Condon, AD4YM, listens for the most rare DX,
    signals from outer space as a radio astronomer, and keeps his fingers in
    the gear by collecting and restoring the best ham radio boat anchors,
    including Collins, Drake, Hallicrafters, and Hammarlund. AD4YM is my QSO Today.
    Show Notes
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    Hometown: St Joseph, MI

    Mentor: Ed Zick W8PYP
    First License: KN8LHP, Novice, 1957
    First Rig:
    Heathkit DX-40 Transmitter
    Hallicrafter S38E Receiver
    Hammarlund HQ-110 Receiver
    Hallicrafters SX-101 Receiver
    40 Meter Dipole Antenna

    A Few, Not All, AD4YM Boat Anchors:
    Hammurland SuperPro
    Collins 75S3 Receiver
    Collins S Line
    Collins R390 Receiver

    Favorite Operating Mode: CW

    50 Khz Receiver IF
    Sputnik Satellite
    Whirlpool Corporation, Benton Harbor, MI
    Benton Harbor, MI
    Heathkit Factory
    Collins 75A4 Receiver
    Electro Voice Microphone
    ARRL Field Day
    Cornell University, Physics, BS
    Radio Astronomy Courses, Cornell University
    Frank Drake, Famous Radio Astronomer
    OSMA Green Bank
    Wavelength squared /4X pi
    Hydrogen Line Frequency
    Carl Sagen, Cosmologist
    Neutral Hydrogen Frequency
    Phillip Morrison, Cornell Physics Department
    Cold War
    Arecibo Ionospheric Telescope, Puerto Rico
    Pulsar Studies at Arecibo
    Collins S Line
    KP4 callsigns from Puerto Rico were rare call signs
    National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Charlottesville, VA
    Point Source Fee for spherical reflector
    Tuned Radio Frequency Receiver or TRF Receiver
    National Science Foundation
    Alma Radio Array, Chile
    Messier M87
    Hubble Telescope
    Amateur Radio "Boat Anchors" - old amateur radio tube gear
    Henry Ford Museum
    Contact, by Carl Sagen

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: it does not provide a

    Advice to new or returning hams: Contact other hams and bring you up to the current state of the art.
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    Pictures Hammarlund HQ-140X receiver, Heathkit VF-1 VFO, DX-40 transmitter, Collins 30L-1 linear amplifier, KWM2-A transceiver, Collins 75S-3B receiver, Collins 32S-3 transmitter, and Collins 312-B4 station
    control Palstar DL2K dummy load and Millen Type 92200 transmatch,
    Yaesu G1000-SDX rotator control, MFJ-986 antenna tuner, and Collins 30S-1 amplifier
    Drake RV-4C remote VFOs, Drake TR-4C and TR-4Cw transceivers
    Hammarlund HQ-180AX receiver and Johnson Ranger II transmitter

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