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    DXNL 2321 - September 28, 2022
    DX Newsletter

    a free and weekly service of
    DARC Committee "DX"

    Editor: Andreas Salder, DK5ON
    (e-mail: dxmb@darcdxhf.de)

    translation by: Oliver Bock, DJ9AO

    DX Activities

    Tom/DL2RMC is currently paying his son a visit in Al Ain. For the
    time being he signs A65/DL2RMC. Depending on the length of his stay
    (plans are ranging from just 3 months up to 3 years) he may apply
    for an A65 callsign. QRV on 30-10m (maybe also 160m) on CW, SSB,
    and FT8. Right now he his transmitting with 100W and simple
    antennas. In case of an extended stay Tom plans to upgrade with an
    amplifier and also a yagi for 20-6m. QSL via homecall, OQRS, LoTW.

    F, FRANCE:
    TM100BBC joins the centennary celebration of the BBC from October
    10 to 24. Operators are Andre/F5AQX (EME), Serge/F5SN (DMR, C4FM),
    Marie/F5UAY (SSB), Michel/F8GGZ (CW), and Laurent/F8FSC (all
    modes). QSL via F8GGZ (B) or direct.

    F, FRANCE:
    The Radio Club du Pays de Nied (F4KIY) celebrates its 10th
    anniversary with the callsign TM10KIY until Oct. 7. QRV on 80-6m
    (CW, SSB, RTTY, FT4/8). QSL via F4KIY (d/B).

    LY770CT celebrates the 770th anniversary of the city Klaipeda until
    Oct. 14. QSL via LY1CT (d/B).

    OEVSV's Lower Austria's "district branch" in Tulln-Stockerau
    celebratesa 25th annviversary with the callsign OE25TU until the
    end of October. QSL via ClubLog OQRS.

    PA900UTR calls attention to Utrecht's elevation to city status 900
    years ago until Nov. 11. QSL via PI4UTR.

    VK75FAA is active until the end of October to mark the 75th
    anniversary of Australia's Fleet Air Arm, their naval air power.
    QSL via VK2YVA (d/B).

    DX News

    Warren/VK7WN remains on the air as VK0WN from Australia's Casey
    Scientific Research Base until the end of October, running 100W and
    a 20m inverted vee antenna during his lunch break (05z-06z). QSL
    via LoTW or qrz.com logbook; a design for a paper card is in the
    making and will be available via VK7WN (B/d).

    Oleg/RD1A is currently aboard the vessel North Pole, which is
    drifting around the Arctic and replaces several bases that were
    located on sheets of floating ice. The ship may stay afloat for up
    to 2 years before returned to port and carries multiple labs for
    scientific exploration of the Arctic. During his spare time Oleg
    will be active as RI41POL. QSL via RN3RQ. See also:

    DJ9ZB's QSL manager duties:
    Alain/F6BFH has taken over Franz's/DJ9ZB QSL manager duties for the
    following callsigns: 4S7RO, 5A1HA, 6Y5/4S7RO, 9X5GG, A71AU, AP2KN,
    ET3PG, ST2SA, UA2FN, YJ0AUS, YK1AA, and YS1RR.


    CW: 28040 24920 21040 18098 14040 10114 7030 3530 kHz
    SSB: 28560 28460 24950 21260 18128 14260 7055 3760 kHz

    AF-010; 3C, BIOCO ISLAND: Ersoy TA2OM (ex TA2IBY) is currently
    active as 3C/TA2OM from Malabo on Bioco Island. QRV so far only on
    10m on FT8, SSB is also possible. Confirmations are only possible
    via eQSL so far, paper cards will follow after his return from this
    1 month trip. So far, however, his operation has not received DXCC
    regocnition by the ARRL.

    AS-013; 8Q, MALDIVE ISLANDS: Gianpi/IK1TTD operates holiday-style
    from Fasmendhoo Isl. as 8Q7TD between Oct. 2 and 17 with 100W and
    wire antennas. QSL via IK1TTD (d/B), LoTW.

    Berkin/TA3J signs TA3J/0 from Yassica Isl. until the end of
    October. QSL via homecall (d/B), LoTW, ClubLog.

    EU-010; GM/MM, OUTER HEBRIDES: Graham/MM0GHM will be active /p or
    /m from Barra Island between Oct. 1 and 8. QSL via MM0GHM (d/B),

    EU-017; I*9, EOLIE (aka LIPARI) ISLANDS: Domenico/IW8RAO,
    Luigi/IU8GUK, Alex/IK8YFU, and Pino/I8YGZ activate Vulcano Island
    from the 5th to 9th of October as ID9Y on CW, SSB, RTTY, and FT8.

    EU-026; JW, SPITSBERGEN ISLAND: Just/JW9DL, Erling/JW6VM, and
    Halvard/JW7XK operate from Spitsbergen between Oct. 5 and 10. QSL
    for JW7XK via LA7XK, JW6VM via LA6VM, JW9DL via LA9DL.

    OC-027; FO, MARQUESAS ISLANDS: Didier/F6BCW is going to put Iva Oa
    on the air from Oct. 1 to 15 as TX7G. QRV on 80-10m (CW, SSB; RTTY
    and FT8 if possible) daily from 03z-07z and 15z-17z, depending on
    band conditions. Bureau cards will be sent out 12 months after his
    return; direct cards via Didier Cadot, 180 rue du Moulin de la
    Coudre, 71440 Tronchy, France. See also:

    Other IOTA news

    AS-051; Various, SPRATLY ISLANDS:
    The trip to Pag-asa (DX0NE), scheduled for Sept. 16 had to be
    postponed to Nov. 25. The expedition's leader Gil/4F2KWT still
    hopes for an earlier opportunity though.

    NA-063; CY0, SABLE ISLAND:
    The CY0S expedition to Sable, scheduled for October, had to be
    postponed to March 2023.

    WWFF Activities

    WWFF QRGs:
    CW: 28044 24894 21044 18084 14044 10124 7024 3544 kHz
    SSB: 28444 24944 21244 18144 14244 7144 3744 kHz

    FFF-3265, Avant Pays Savoyard:
    Jean Marie/F5NLX activates this reference on the 29th (07z-0930z).
    QSOs also count for DFCF 73250; WCA F07349 TOUR CONSPECTUS, DMF
    bureau, direct, eQSL.

    KFF-4379, Fremont:
    Amy/AG7GP activates this location on the 29th (14z-22z) on CW. QSL
    via direct or LoTW.

    KFF-4488, Modoc:
    Amy/K6G operates from there during the California QSO Party on CW
    and SSB. QSL via AG7GP (d), LoTW.

    YBFF-0034, Meru Betiri:
    YG3DEB activates this reference on Oct. 1 (02z-09z) on 40m (CW,
    SSB) and 15/10m (CW). QSL via YG3DEB (d/B).

    DLFF-0862, Weseraue:
    DG8HJ operates from this location on OCt. 2 (10z-12z). QSL via
    DG8HJ (d/B).

    Parks On The Air (POTA)

    K-1812, Fairfax Stone State Park:
    Douglas/KX8T activates this location on Oct. 2 (12z-18z) on 20 and
    15m (FT8, maybe SSB). QSL via KX8T (d/B).

    Short term awards on HF

    Klaipeda 770 Award:
    This award is available for contacts with LY770CT made until Oct.
    14 in several categories, beginning with 2 QSOs on 160m-70cm on CW,
    SSB, FM, or digital modes. Applications to be sent to ly1ct@qrz.lt.

    start - end DX DXNL
    01.07. - 3A/F6EXV 2308
    01.07. - 3A/PB8DX 2308
    20.01. - 3B8HH 2285
    25.03. - 3X1A 2303
    01.06. - 01.11. 4A2MAX 2306
    08.22 - 5H2JK 2313
    21.09. - 5H8HZ 2320
    18.04. - 5P0WARD 2297
    17.06. - 5R8BM 2308
    01.05. - 5X7W 2301
    01.01. - 31.12. 6F6F 2284
    16.06. - 6O1OO 2307
    01.12. - 31.10. 7B2C 2280
    01.12. - 31.10. 7B2E 2280
    01.12. - 31.10. 7B2H 2280
    01.12. - 31.10. 7B2O 2280
    01.12. - 31.10. 7B2T 2280
    06.2022 - 7P8AB 2306
    06.2022 - 7P8NB 2306
    01.08. - 7Q7EMH 2314
    07.09. - 25.09. 7Z92ND 2319
    01.01. - 30.09. 8N650JP 2297
    07.09. - 25.09. 8Z92ND 2319
    22.05. - 9G5XA 2304
    17.09. - 14.10. 9H6QE 2320
    - 06/2022 9J2MYT 2279
    19.09. - 26.09. 9K9KSA 2320
    11/21 - 9N7AA 2306
    25.04. - 9N7CI 2300
    25.04. - 9N7WE 2300
    01.05. - C83YT 2301
    27.08. - 30.09. A35JP 2317
    20.09. - 26.09. A43KSA 2320
    17.09. - 23.09. A60ARS.. 2320
    17.09. - 23.09. A91ARS 2320
    03.10. - 10.10. AH0/WA7WJR 2320
    01.10. - 20.11. AH2/WA7WJR 2320
    01.09. - 02.10. AT75CW 2317
    11.07. - 30.11. BX0QSL 2309
    23.09. - 26.09. CR3SI 2320
    01.01. - 31.12. DB50AFZ 2283
    01.11. - 31.10. DF22LGS 2275
    01.01. - 31.12. DF40BGK 2283
    20.02. - 19.02.23 DK0HN 2285
    01.01. - 31.12. DK050BN 2283
    01.01. - 31.12. DK65DEL 2285
    01.01. - 31.12. DL0HO 2284
    26.01. - 25.01.23 DL0OF 2288
    07.05. - 06.05.23 DL1640Y 2312
    01.11. - 31.10. DL35EUDXF 2273
    01.01. - 31.12. DL60LINDAU 2283
    01.01. - 31.12. DL70WOB 2283
    01.01. - 31.12. DL73AFUG 2283
    01.01. - 31.12. DL75DRG 2283
    01.01. - 31.12. DL75HIL 2282
    01.01. - 31.12. DL75HES 2291
    01.01. - 31.12. DL75OBY 2285
    01.01. - 31.12. DL75RLP 2288
    01.01. - 31.12. DP44N44T 2284
    01.12. - 30.11. DR125MB 2278
    - 31.12. DR100RY 2320
    01.01. - 31.12. DR50BAWA 2305
    01.06. - 30.09. E2WRTC 2304
    01.01. - 31.12. EI90IRTS 2282
    13.09. - 25.09. FH/OK1M 2318
    01.09. - 01.04.24 FH4VVJ 2314
    01.09. - 01.04.24 FH4VVK 2317
    15.10. - FJ4WEB 2320
    27.09. - 05.10. FO/K6VVK 2320
    07.22 - FO5QS 2312
    - 31.12.22 FS/KC9FFV 2298
    - 02/2024 FW1JG 2287
    19.09. - 23.09. GB0IOW 2320
    01.01. - 31.12. GB100BBC 2282
    14.01. - 23.12. GB1900HA 2285
    14.01. - 23.12. GB1900HW 2285
    01.01. - 31.12. H32AT 2290
    01.08. - 21.09. H44MS 2312
    07.09. - 27.09. HB0/DL5YL 2318
    07.09. - 27.09. HB0/DL5YM 2318
    - 31.10. HB175RAIL 2320
    01.01. - 31.12. HB50SH 2283
    01.07. - 31.12. HB75SG 2308
    01.01. - 14.12. HF9FIELD 2282
    15.03. - 15.03.23 HG200AN 2293
    15.03. - 15.03.23 HG200DO 2293
    15.03. - 15.03.23 HG200EF 2293
    15.03. - 15.03.23 HG200IR 2293
    15.03. - 15.03.23 HG200OT 2293
    15.03. - 15.03.23 HG200PS 2293
    25.07. - 15.05.23 HK3JCL 2307
    07.09. - 25.09. HZ92ND 2319
    20.09. - 30.09. IC8/KL1A 2320
    19.09. - 25.09. II7ML 2320
    01.06. - 30.09. IR4DX 2305
    08.22 - 09.22 J20EE 2313
    - 06.2023 J28HJ 2311
    29.10. - 07.11. J28MD 2305
    08.22 - J28RC 2315
    03/22 - 10/22 JX/LB4MI 2296
    03/22 - 10/22 JX7QY 2296
    - 30.09. K4C/75 2320
    14.05. - K4RC 2301
    01.01. - 31.12. LA100B 2283
    20.09. - 03.10. LG5LG 2320
    - 31.12. LZ01MLN 2277
    01.01. - 31.12. LZ1GLASS 2285
    23.04. - OE22M 2298
    01.09. - 30.09. OE2XXM 2318
    01.09. - 30.09. OE5XXM 2318
    01.03. - 31.12. OR100RCBE 2290
    01.01. - 31.12. OZ50DDXG 2282
    01.04 - 30.10. PD146EU 2296
    01.01. - 31.12. PI75LIM 2287
    01.04. - 30.09. PI750GAZ 2313
    10.09. - 25.09. PJ2/PH2M 2318
    01.09. - 30.09. PV200BR 2318
    01.09. - 30.09. PW2IND 2318
    01.09. - 30.09. PX200BR 2282
    01.01. - 31.12. PX2022BR 2282
    01.05. - S035S 2301
    20.09. - 03.10. SJ9WL 2320
    01.01. - 31.12. SK50EI 2284
    01.01. - 14.12. SN9FIELD 2282
    01.01. - 14.12. SP9FIELD 2282
    10.09. - 23.09. TK/K4EU 2318
    10.09. - 23.09. TK/K4NMR 2318
    10.09. - 23.09. TK/K5KG 2318
    20.04. - 30.10. TG9AWS 2298
    01.07. - 31.12. TI1GOAL 2313
    15.01. - 31.12. TM0CR 2286
    24.09. - 24.09. TM150FOR 2319
    30.09. - 30.09. TM150FOR 2319
    02.05. - 31.10. TM400MO 2301
    17.09. - 01.11. TM72WOW 2320
    03.09. - 16.12. TM8GE 2320
    - 06/2023 TT8SN 2320
    - TZ4AM 2311
    28.09. - 11.10. V5/HB9BFM 2320
    06.2022 - V73MS 2306
    06.22 - 10.22 VK0WN 2306
    01.01. - 31.12. VK90ABC 2287
    2.1.23 - 31.03.23 VP2MDX 2300
    - VP5MA 2302
    - VP8AAE 2320
    - 11.22 VP8TAA 2313
    24.09. - 28.09. VP9/N8QNT 2320
    24.09. - 28.09. VP9/SP9FIH 2320
    14.05. - W1M 2301
    24.09. - 25.09. WP3C 2320
    - 31.12. XI0X 2296
    21.08. - XZ2A 2316
    25.06. - XZ2B 2309
    01.09. - Z6/KN4PRE 2317
    28.08. - ZA/DG7PX 2317
    23.08. - ZA/Z35M 2315
    25.08. - ZL4/VE6TC 2318
    09.09. - 21.09. V26K 2318
    15.07. - ZL7/ZL1VV 2311
    01.09. - 30.09. ZZ2OO 2318

    * = new or updated
    .. = and other calls

    QSL information
    3A/F6EXV via F6EXV
    3A/IR1DCI via IK1GPG (B)
    3A/PB8DX via PB8DX
    3A6M via F6EXV (OQRS), (B), (L)
    4K7DK via DK1DKE (B)
    4L8A via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    4O/DL1ZM via DL1ZM (B), (e)
    4O/HA8FY via HA8FY (d), (e)
    4O/NN3W via NN3W
    4O/SQ9MDF/p via SQ9MDF (B)
    4U1A via UA3DX und (L)
    4W/JH2EUV via JH2EUV (B), (L)
    4W/VK1AO via VK1AO (L), (e)
    4X01LH via 4X6ZM (L), (e)
    4X02LH via 4X6ZM (L), (e)
    4X03LH via 4X6ZM (L), (e)
    4X04LH via 4X6ZM (L), (e)
    4X05LH via 4X6ZM (L), (e)
    4X6FR via 4X6OM
    5B4AQC via DK6SP (B), (L)
    5B4AMM via UT5UDX (L), (e)
    5C40DN via CN8DN (d)
    5E5R via CN8YZ (L), (e)
    5H2JK via DL8AAI (B)
    5K0YD via IK2DUW (d)
    5N/KE5GUR via KE5GUR (d). (e)
    5P1KZX via OZ1KZX (B), (L), (e)
    5P1OT via SP1OT (B)
    5P5Q via OZ9XU (B), (L), (e)
    5P5T via OZ1FDH (L), eQSL
    5P6MJ via OZ6MJ (L), (e)
    5P8VW via DJ8VW (B), (L), (e)
    5Q5CW via DL5CW (B), (L)
    5Q5W via DL2SWW (B,
    5Q7DX via PA7JWC (B), (L)
    5R8AL via G3SWH (d), (L)
    5R8LH via IK2DUW (B)
    5X3R via IK2DUW
    6D5C via XE1H (nur LoTW)
    6Y60HM via EA5GL (B)
    7G1RL via HA3JB (d), (L)
    7Q5RU via R7AL (L)
    7R19MG via (d), (e)
    7S7SOP via SM7RYR (nur LoTW)
    7T60A via 7X2DD (d)
    7Y19MG via (d), (e)
    7Z92ND via HZ1SAR (d)
    8A64BALI via YH9AA (d), (e)
    8B1FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B2FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B3FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B4FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B5FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B6FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B7FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B8FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B9FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8B0FTDM via N2OO (B), (L), (e)
    8H77D (B, automatisch)
    8H77I (B, automatisch)
    8H77N (B, automatisch)
    8H77O (B, automatisch)
    8H77RI (B, automatisch)
    8I77A (B, automatisch)
    8I77E (B, automatisch)
    8I77I (B, automatisch)
    8I77N (B, automatisch)
    8I77RI (B, automatisch)
    8I77S (B, automatisch)
    8P9NF via EA4NF (L)
    8S0C via SM0MPV (B), (L)
    8Q7AG via IZ2DPX (B), (L)
    8Q7QE via EA5Q (B), (L)
    8Z92ND via HZ1SAR (d)
    9A/DL1BUG via DL1BUG (B), (L)
    9A/DL2HWI/p via DL2HWI (B)
    9A/DO4DXA via DO4DXA (nur LoTW)
    9A/E77DX/p via E73Y (B), (L)
    9A/KC1KUG via KC1KUG
    9A/OE8DDX via OE8DDX (B)
    9A/S50IPA via S50IPA
    9A1WFF/p via 9A2MF (B)
    9A22YOTA via 9A1A (B), (L)
    9A24ZRF via 9A7ALZ (B), (L)
    9A5Y via 9A7W (B), (L)
    9H6LH via DL1KJ (B)
    9K2OW via EC6DX (d), (L)
    9M59SD via 9W8KIF (d)
    9V1ZV via EA5GL (B), (L), (e)
    A35JP/p via JA0RQV (B), (L)
    A60A via EA7FTR (d), (L)
    A65DR via N4GNR (d), (L)
    A61ZX via IZ8CLM (B), (L), (e)
    A62A via EA7FTR und (L)
    A71XX via EC6DX (d), (L)
    A91FTDMC via EC6DX (d), (L)
    A44A via A47RS (B), (L)
    AM230CW via EA2CW (L), (e)
    AM30FEDIEA via EA3RKF (d), (e)
    AM330HLM via EA3HLM (nur L & (e)
    AM330RKM via EA3RKM (L), (e)
    AM38SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    AM500PCM via EA7URF (B), (L), (e)
    AM630VQ via EA6VQ (B), (L)
    AP75HA via AP2HA (L)
    AP75HAS via VU2SMS (d)
    AP75SD via EA5ZD (B: nur Mail), (e)
    AU75JRO via VU2JRO (d), (L), eQSL
    AU75SMS via VU2SMS (d), (L)
    AP75TN via RW6HS (d)
    AT2MLH via VU2LU (B)
    AT3VLH via VU2EXP (B), (L), (e)
    AZ1D via LU1DX
    BP0A via BV2KS
    BW/DJ4JB via DJ4JB (B)
    BX0QSL via BM2JCC, (e)
    C6ADX via W8GEX (L)
    C6AYL via W8CAA (L)
    C91CCY via K3IRV (B)
    CB3W via XQ4CW
    CB4A via CE4UFC
    CN23NIL via RW6HS (d)
    CN23NOA via CN8NOA
    CO7VI via IK2DUW (d) und (L)
    CQ7LH via CT7AOV (B), (e)
    CQ9T via CT3KN
    CR2X via OH2BH (B)
    CR3W via DL5AXX (B), (L)
    CR6K via CT1ILT OQRS, (d), (L)
    CT7/DL6IAK via DL6IAK (B)
    CT7/F5AGB via F6KOP (d), (L)
    CT9ABO via OM3GI (d), (L)
    CT9/DK7TM via DK7TM (B)
    CT9/DL1CW via DL1CW (B). (L)
    CT9/HA2EAV via HA2EAV, (e)
    CT9/HA2KF via HA2KF
    CT9/HA2KMR via HA2KMR
    CU8/NU6F via NU6F (L)
    CT8/W6PQL via W6PQL (B), (L)
    CW5X via CX2ABC (d)
    CX3AT via EA5GL (B), (L), (e)
    CX5UA via IK2DUW (d), (L);
    HE9ERA (B)
    D2TX via PA3CMC (L)
    D44PM via IZ4DPV and LoTW
    D4L via IK2NCJ (B), (L)
    D4Z via IK2NCJ (B)
    D73G via HL4CCM (B), (L), (e)
    DA0HQ via DL5AXX
    DA0RR via DJ5BWD
    DA0T via DL7AT (B), (L)
    DA22LGS via DL7ACN (B)
    DA2W via ON3UN (B)
    DF0SAX via DL3DXX (B), (L)
    DK050BN via DK5PD (B), (L), (e)
    DK0AJ via DH4FE
    DK0DFF via DL7AFS (B)
    DK0GYB via DK2AJ (B), (e)
    DK0SM via DL6OCH
    DK5T/LH via DK5ON (d), (B), (L)
    DL0AH via DG5YHE
    DL0GEO via DL2YAK (B), (L), (e)
    DL0JBB via DL6YAO (B), (e)
    DL1640Y via DL3CQ (B), (e)
    DL20SOTA/p via DL6GCA
    DL60LINDAU via DL1CBQ (B)
    DL/AD8FJ via E25KAE (B)
    DL/G4OBK/p via G4OBK (d), (L)
    DL/HB9CYX/p via HB9CYX (B), (e)
    DL/ON6ZQ/p via ON6ZQ (L), (e)
    DL/OK1DOY/p via OK1DOY
    DM20OTUS via DJ8NU (B)
    DM60UEA via DL3BUA (B, autom.)
    DP0POL via DL5EBE (B
    DQ8FTDMC via DM2RM
    DR100RY via DF2SD (B), (L), eQSL
    DR4A via DJ9KM (B), (L)
    DU3/W6QT via W6QT (B), (L), (e)
    E2WRTC via E21EIC (B), (L)
    E7/9A3DF via 9A3DF
    E7HQ via E70ARA, (L)
    EA5/F5TDK via F5TDK
    EA6/DG3MIM via DG3MIM
    EA6/EA3M via EA3M (L)
    EA6/OE2UKL via OE2UKL
    EA6/ON9VLW via ON9IT
    EA8/DL3JAB via DL3JAB
    EA8/HB9HCS via HB9HCS (B)
    ED1R via EC1KR (B), (L), (e)
    ED2C via EA2RCF (B)
    ED2FSF via EA2CYC (E-Mail)
    EF0F via EA4URE (B), (L)
    EF1A via EA1X (B), (L)
    EG1FAG via EA1JAY (B)
    EG1SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG225GVJ via (L), (e), OQRS
    EG2SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG2UNA via EA2CW (L), (e)
    EG3SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG4FDA via EA4PN (nur LoTW)
    EG4RAM via EB4AVN (d), (e)
    EG4SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG5SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG6SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG75AM nur (e)
    EG7FFP via EA7FC
    EG7SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG8SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EG9SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), (e)
    EH1SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH2HJ via EA2IR (B), eQSL
    EH2SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH2SM via EA2IR (B), (e)
    EH3SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH4SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH5SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH6SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH7SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH8SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EH9SDC via EA1AUM (B), (L), eQSL
    EI/ON6QR via ON6QR (B)
    EJ7EE via OZ2I (B)
    EL2EF via N2OO, (L)
    EV6Z via DL8KAC (d)
    FG/F6HMQ via F6HMQ (B)
    FH/OK1M via OK1WMR
    FM5BH via W3HNK (d), (L)
    FO/DJ6GI (L), (e)
    FP/KV1J via KV1J (B), (L)
    FR/OK1M via OK1WMR
    G3M via G4PEO (B)
    G5XV via M0OXO (OQRS), (L)
    G8T via GW4SHF (B)
    GB0NFL via M0LMK (nur (e))
    GB13COL via G0VLF (d)
    GB1CSR via M0OLT (B), (e)
    GB1SAK via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (e)
    GB22GE via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    GB22GI via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    GB22GM via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    GB22GU via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    GB22GW via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    GB2HMM via GW4TTA (B)
    GB5GYD via M0CQL (eQSL)
    GB5TP via MM0DFV
    GB6OUS via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    GD2NV via G2NV (nur eQSL)
    GM2T via (B)
    GM4Z via GM4ZUK (B), (L)
    GM6DX via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    GQ4ATA via GM4ATA nur (L)
    GS5DX via EB7DX and (d), (L)
    GS8VL via M0OXO (OQRS), (L)
    GU0VJG/p via G0VJG (B)
    GX3WIM via G8MNY (L), eQSL
    GX5DX via EB7DX (d)
    H44MS via DL2GAC (B), (L)
    HA5SPORT via HA-(B)
    HB0/DL5YL via DL5YL (B)
    HB0/DL5YM via DL5YM (B)
    HB75SG/p via HB9KNY (B), (L)
    HC5JHT via LoTW
    HD1HERO nur LoTW
    HF0ROSA via SP7X (L), (e)
    HF1922PS via SP9KJU (B), (e)
    HF1Z via SP1EG (B), (L)
    HF20LVK via SP4LVK (B), eQSL
    HF30STB via SP9SCI (B)
    HF30PSP via SP9PSJ (B)
    HF800M via SP9PKS (B)
    HG0WFF via HA0HW (B-OQRS), (L)
    HG1Z via HA1XY (B)
    HG1222BA via HA4KYB
    HG5A via HA5KDQ (B), (L), (e)
    HH2AA via EB7DX (L), (d)
    HI8J via RW6HS (d), (LoTW)
    HI9/IK2KTE via IK2KTE
    HL77V via 6K0MF (B)
    HP1/EA5XV via EA5XV (B)
    HR9/K6VHF via K6VHF (B), (L), (e)
    HS0ZJF via ON4AFU
    HS0ZNR via VK2FY (d), (L), (e)
    HS0ZOA via EB7DX (d), (e)
    HS7AP/p via E21IZC
    HV0A via IK0FVC (d), (L)
    HZ1CY via A61BK (d), (L)
    HZ1CPCF via HZ1SAR
    HZ92ND via HZ1SAR (d)
    IA5/IU2NKC via IU2NKC (B), (L), (e)
    IA5/IW2MXY via IW2MXY
    IB0V via IU3EDK (B)
    IC8/IK6CAC via IK6CAC (L), eQSL
    II0TOUR via IZ0EIK (d), (e); 9A5URI (B)
    II2FTDM via IK2EKO
    II5RM via IK5WOB (B)
    II9IAKE via HE9ERA (B)
    IK1TNU/IA5 via IK1TNU
    IK2LEY/IS0 via IK2LEY
    I6/OT1V via ON8VM (B), (L), (e)
    IL7/IK5AEQ via IK5AEQ (B), (L), (e)
    IL7/IZ5IUY via IZ5IUY (auch (e))
    IM0/I2KQE via I2KQE
    IN3/DL7CX/p via DL7CX (B), (L)
    IN3/HB9BXQ via HB9BXQ (B)
    IP1X via IU1JCZ (B)
    IP6POPE via IZ6BRJ
    IQ0AK via IS0JXO (B), (e)
    IR1DCI/5 via IK1GPG (B), (L)
    IR1DCI/8 via IK1GPG (B), (L)
    IR9K via (B), (L)
    IS0/HB9JOE/p via HB9JOE (B), (L)
    IS0/IZ0TWI via IZ0TWI (d), (L), (e)
    IU0FBK/IA5 via IU0FBK (B), eQSL
    J20EE via F4DXW (d), (L), (e)
    J28HJ (L)
    J28JD via EA5GL (B), (L)
    J3/N9GB via N9GB
    J43POTA via SV3SPD (L), (e)
    JD1AJD via JA1ADT (B), (L)
    JW/KA1IS via KA1IS (B)
    JW7XK via LA7XK (B), (L), (e)
    JX/LB4MI via LB4MI (B), (L), (e)
    K4WK/VE3 via K4WK
    KL7J via N3SL (B), (L)
    KP2B via EB7DX (d), (L)
    L20D via LU3DXG (L), (e)
    LA/PE1ITR via PE1ITR (B), (L)
    LA/SP7VC via SP7VC (d), (e)
    LA/ON4ROB/P via ON4ROB
    LB5SH/p via LB5SH (B), (L)
    LC1R via LB5SH (B), (L)
    LC5Z via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    LW2DO via EC6DX (d)
    LY770CT via LY1CT and LoTW
    LY786A via LY5A (B)
    LZ0KP via SV2CLJ (d), (L)
    LZ258ML via LZ1KCP (B), (L)
    LZ31ZE via LZ1KCP (B), (L)
    LZ540DS via LZ1KCP (B), (L)
    LZ5G via LZ5ET (B)
    LZ6T via LZ2JA
    LZ/SQ2M via SQ2M
    MD7C via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    MM1E via LoTW (kein Bureau)
    MN5A via G3TXF (B), (L)
    MS0ORK via MM5DWW (d)
    MQ0PAM via M0PAM (d), (L), (e)
    N0C via W0UY (d), (L)
    N1N via K6ZO (L)
    NL8F via N7RO (d), (L)
    OD5ZZ via N4GNR (d), (L)
    OE/DF3MC/P via DF3MC
    OE/DF7FX/P via DF7FX
    OE/DJ1AA via DJ1AA
    OE/DL9IM/p via DL9IM (B), (L), (e)
    OE/DO1BEN via DO1BEN
    OE/HA5DDX via UR5DDX (d), (L), (e)
    OE/PC9DB/p via PC9DB (B), (L), (e)
    OE05FTDMC via OE1SGU (L), (e)
    OE25MFCA via OE6XMF (B)
    OE0FTDMC via OE6VIE (B-OQRS), (L)
    OE0HQ via OE3KAB (L)
    OE5D via OE2UKL (B), eQSL
    OE60STMK via OE6WIG (B)
    OH0CO via SM6CCO (d), (L)
    OH/DF9TM via DF9TM (B)
    OH5/DG2SBL via DG2SBL (B), (e)
    OJ0DX via DL3DXX (B-OQRS), (L)
    OJ0JR via OH3JR (B), (L)
    OJ0MR via OG2M (d)
    OK/DB7MM/p via DB7MM (B)
    OK5M via OK5MM (B)
    OK8MA/p via SP9MA (B)
    OL15SOTA via OK1CYC (B), (L)
    OL3Y via OK1CRM (B), (L)
    OL5GMA/p via OK3EQ (B), (e)
    ON/DM3FAM via DM3FAM (B)
    ON/PD0RWL via PD0RWL (d), (L)
    ON37IOF via ON7QC (B)
    OO22FLY via nur ON-Bureau
    OO7Z/p via ON6KZ (B), (e)
    OP9T via ON5CT, (L)
    OR1Z/p via ON6IX (d), eQSL
    OR7G/p via ON7VG (auch eQSL)
    OR8W via ON4BDV
    OV2T via PA0ABM (B), (L)
    OV3T via OZ4XL (nur LoTW)
    OV5W via OZ1GIN
    OX/DK7PE/p via DK7PE (B), (L)
    OX/OZ1LXJ via OZ1LXJ (d)
    OY/DK7PE/p via DK7PE (B), (L)
    OY/DL2JRM via DL2JRM (B)
    OY/MM0OKG via EB7DX (d), (L)
    OY7EE via OZ2I (B)
    OZ8FTDM via OZ1KZX (L), (e)
    OZ/SM7EQL via SM6JSM (B), (e)
    OZ/DL3KWF via DL3KWF (B), eQSL
    OZ/PA1SVM via PA1SVM (L)
    OZ0Q via OZ7IT (B)

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