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    VE3KTB/VY0 via M0OXO (B-OQRS), (L)
    VG5DX via VA5DX (d)
    VP8TAA/p via M0OXO (B- OQRS), (L)
    VK0MQ via (B - OQRS), (L)
    VX2I via F5JYD (d), (L)
    VR25XMT via VR2XMT (d), (L)
    W2/JR1AQN via JR1AQN (B), (L), (e)
    W2C via N2MC (d)
    W2I via W2TMR (d), (L), eQSL
    W3R via NY9H
    W4G via K4DSO (d), (L)
    XI0X via XE1KK (nur LoTW)
    XM3A via VE3NOO (B), (e)
    XV9SB via WB4SAB (d)
    XZ2B via JH3SIF (B), (L)
    YH0R (B), (L), eQSL
    YU/SQ9MDF/p via SQ9MDF (B)
    YR6MUSEUM via YO6KNE (B), (L)
    Z21LS via DE1ZHB (B), 7Z1HB (d)
    Z66X via OH2BH (B), (L)
    ZA/OE8NDR via DE1QSL
    ZA/SQ9MDF/p via SQ9MDF (B)
    ZF2OO via WB2REM (d), (L)
    ZL7/ZL1VV (L)
    ZV2X via PY2YVN
    ZY0FUN via PY2RN (OQRS), (L)

    (d) = direct (B) = bureau ok (L) = LoTW (O) = OQRS
    (C) = ClubLog (e) = eQSL (*) = new manager (Q) = QRZ.COM

    Abbreviations in this DXNL:
    ARLHS Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society
    DCI D.C.I. (Diploma Castelli Italia) http://www.dcia.it/dci/
    DFCF DCPC D.C.P.C. (Diploma Castelli Provincia Cuneo)
    DIFM Diplome des Forts et Chateaux de France
    H/c Diplome des Iles de la France Metropolitaine
    ILLW Homecall
    IOCA International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend
    IOTA Islands Of Croatia Award
    LoTW Islands on the Air
    OQRS Logbook of the World
    POTA Online QSL Request System
    RDA Parks On The Air
    RLHA Russian District's Award Program
    SNSM Russian Lighthouse Award
    URE Societe Nationale des Sauveteurs en Mer
    WCA Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles
    WLOTA World Castles Award
    WRTC World Lighthouse On The Air Award
    WWFF World Radiosport Team Championship

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