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    A Surprisingly Good Movie from the Late 1960s: "The Ham's Wide World"

    Posted: 24 Jul 2022 03:42 AM PDT http://soldersmoke.blogspot.com/2022/07/a-surprisingly-good-movie-from-late.html

    I found this movie to be surprisingly good. Narrated by Arthur Godfrey, it features Barry Goldwater, and a lot of other hams. There is a homebrewer
    too! Lots of old rigs we know and love: a Drake 2-B, a couple of Galaxy
    Vs, a Benton Harbor lunchbox, Heathkit SB-series rigs, many Swans, and was
    that an HQ-170 that I saw in there? There are also many cool antennas, including a 15 meter quad set up by a bunch of Southern California
    Near the end, when they visit ARRL Headquarters, we briefly see
    none-other-than Doug DeMaw, W1FB! FB!
    Please take a look at this video and post comments about the rigs,
    antennas, and radio amateurs that you see in the film.

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