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    RSGB launches "Direct-to-Full" Exam

    Posted: 21 Jul 2022 12:25 PM PDT https://feedpress.me/link/22841/15447011/rsgb-launches-direct-to-full.html

    In the biggest shakeup to UK amateur radio licensing in 20 years, the RSGB
    has unveiled details of Direct to Full, a new way to get a UK Full amateur radio licence. On this page, we give you the basics of how this will work.
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    What is Direct-to-Full

    An alternative way of getting a Full licence, without the need to go
    through the current 3-tier (Foundation > Intermediate > Full) route.

    Who is Direct-to-Full for?

    Its primarily aimed at people looking to get a licence who already have a
    solid knowledge of electronics and/or RF.

    Its also open to existing Foundation & Intermediate licence-holders looking
    to jump to Full, using their existing knowledge and experience.
    How does Direct-to-Full work?

    The exam has 75 questions, lasts for 2.5 hours and is only available online
    (no paper version available). No practical assessments.

    Its not clear whether the exam will be by remote invigilation, or at a registered exam centre were under the assumption it will be both (as it currently is), with remote invigilation being the favoured option for most students.
    When will this be available?

    From the 1st of January 2023
    What is the structure of the exam?

    The Direct-to-Full exam will consist of two parts, which are sat in the
    same session. The first part has a higher pass mark, presumably to satisfy Ofcom that licence conditions are clearly understood those from an
    electronics or RF background may potentially be weak on the amateur radio specifics, which is why we guess the bar is a little higher for the first
    Direct-to-Full Exam: Part 1

    Part 1 has 18 questions with a pass mark of 14 questions (77.7% pass mark)

    Syllabus Section
    # of questions

    Licensing conditions and station identification

    Operating practices and procedures

    Direct-to-Full Exam: Part 2

    Part 2 has 57 questions with a pass mark of 36 questions (63.2% pass mark)

    Syllabus Section
    # of questions

    Technical aspects

    Transmitters and receivers

    Feeders and antennas


    Electromagnetic compatibility


    Measurements and construction

    Direct-to-Full Syllabus

    The RSGB has released a 42-page syllabus, which broadly matches the current 3-tier syllabus (v1.5)

    Back to RAE?

    Its not gone unnoticed that this could be seen as a return to an RAE-style system, and it will be interesting to see how popular this route is, both
    with newcomers looking for a single exam, and for existing amateurs looking
    for a potential shortcut to upgrade to a Full licence.

    Direct-to-Full History

    The idea of Direct-to-Full was put out for public consultation in February 2021. The results have yet to be shared by RSGB, Essex Ham ran its own independent Direct-to-Full survey in 2021, which showed 85.8% of
    respondents supported the introduction of this route of entry. Read more
    here: Direct to Full

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