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    My Amateur Radio Life

    Changes in the #hamradio shack

    Posted: 19 Jul 2022 07:57 AM PDT https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2022/07/19/changes-in-the-hamradio-shack/

    Its not really spring cleaning or adding to the collection but more aiming
    my Amateur Radio gear towards a goal.

    That goal is to prepare for the eventual move that we are planning in about
    a years time. We are not sure where we will end up but. We need a place
    that is Senior Friendly which loosely translates to no stairs The Condo
    Garden home we are renting is the right size (in sq feet) but that is
    shared between 4 floors and the stairs are killing us Also having to be a
    bit stealthy and creative in my antenna systems here is making me believe a move would mostly be a good thing With any luck we will find a small
    bungalow that has a yard thats antenna friendly at a price thats pension friendly. Failing that then I guess it will be Seniors Apartment (top
    floor please) with balcony antennas.

    VHF/UHF on the left with the loop in the center

    I was thinking that Mag Loop for the HF bands and the existing Arrow GP
    would be acceptable if I had some altitude

    So getting back to the big change Where the Yaesu FT950 and the FT7250d
    used to sit on my desk has been now given over to my new Yaesu FT991A.

    My Yaesu FT991a

    It has a much smaller footprint and the radio can operate on 70CM, 2M ,6m
    and the full HF bands of 10m to 160m including 60m. Its modes are
    FM,C4FM,SSB and CW with provisions for the various Digital Modes

    So far its working fine with the SGC237 autotuner I have mounted outside on
    my fence. I do have an Arrow dual band (70cm/2m) groundplane outside as
    well but I would prefer at least a couple of horizontal loops for 2m and
    6m SSB but they will have to wait for now.

    Its really a radio that you should read the manual for so for now its
    working fine for me and once I actually RTFM it will be even better. So
    far my received signal reports are almost identical to those I received
    when using the FT950 so I am more than pleased.

    I am still active on HF and C4FM (PiStar Hotspot) so its all good

    A much better review of the FT991a will be posted once I RTFM and figure
    out what I am doing


    ps. and IF I have the urge to activate a POTA Park or just work the world
    from my neighborhood park I do have my XIEGU X5105 along with my choices of
    the EFHW antenna or the SOTA Beams 6-60m antenna

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