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    Gold Coast amateur radio activity

    Posted: 16 Jul 2022 07:19 PM PDT https://vk2kfj.blogspot.com/2022/07/gold-coast-amateur-radio-activity.html

    visiting Surfers Paradise again, last visit was around 20th-22nd March
    2020 just as Covid was ramping up.
    I brought my scanner, listening on 146.700 VK4RGC Springbrook belonging
    to the GCARC and there is 438.100 VK4RZA also at Springbrook, hearing it ident in CW regularly, it is linked to 70cm rptrs at Brisbane and Sunshine Coast.
    Hearing 147.225 VK4RGX, located at Springbrook, which is linked to 146.650 VK4RMC Mt.Cootha, Brisbane which I can also hear.
    the GCARC have their morning net at 8am, certainly seems a lot more
    activity here on Gold Coast than there is back in Sydney, the rptrs here
    are quite active day and night. On past visits it seemed very quiet when I brought 2m/70cm hheld, I think it was probably my cheap Baofeng desensed by local RF.
    And Microwave band, they have 23cm rptrs up here too. I wish I had brought
    my ic910 now.
    I will add some photos.

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