• [PE4BAS] Amazing 6m propagation 9 July

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    Amazing 6m propagation 9 July

    Posted: 09 Jul 2022 02:34 PM PDT https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/07/amazing-6m-propagation-9-july.html

    Some amazing propagation especially to Japan/South Korea during local morning. It did last for hours, first station I worked was at 07:23 UTC and last at 09:48 UTC. When I switched on the station my screen was already to small to view all the Japanese station both on 50.313/323. Worked 17
    Japanese and 1 South Korean station.

    Normally we can see Japan every year but propagation only lasts for 5-10 minutes if you're lucky. This time was different and I saw some of the
    stations with a -2dB signal. With other words....a SSB QSO would probabely possible!

    Note that again PSKR does not register everything. This is probabely only
    half of the stations I really received. The south korean station was not
    even displayed despite his strong -5dB signal. Saw many other south korean stations by the way.

    When I returned after lunch I saw DG4KLK on KST chat asking for a Q65 test. Well, so far I never made any Q65 QSO.

    Till today that is. My first Q65 QSO is a fact.

    #6m South Korea worked

    Posted: 09 Jul 2022 02:16 AM PDT https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/07/6m-south-korea-worked.html

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