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    ARROW heads back to the field for Field Day

    Posted: 29 Jun 2022 08:02 PM PDT https://www.kb6nu.com/arrow-heads-back-to-the-field-for-field-day/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

    2020 and 2021 were pretty bleak years for Field Day. Since its just as much
    a social or group event as it is an amateur radio event, the Covid pandemic really put a damper on things. This year, however, ARROW, our club here in
    Ann Arbor, MI, figured that while Covid may still be an issue, we could
    safely set up outside and have a real Field Day.

    Even so, participation was significantly less than 2019. People are either still cautious about gathering in groups or have gotten out of the habit of meeting in groups. Whatever the reason, we were only able to muster enough equipment for three HF stations, plus a Get on the Air (GOTA) station this year. In years past, we ran four stations, plus a GOTA station.

    I again served as head coach for the GOTA station and as one of the CW operators. I do enjoy making contacts, but being the GOTA coach is a lot of fun, and its really my main focus during Field Day. Im glad that I got to
    do both this year.

    Our club members took a lot of pictures this year. Below is a selection of photos, each with their own story.
    The weather cooperated this year. There were plenty of blue skies, and it
    wasnt as hot as in years past. Even so, it was important to keep hydrated
    This is Joe, AC8ES, at the phone station. This station was set up in a
    trailer brought out by James, KC8BGJ, our club president.
    In this photo, Arun, W8ARU, is operating one of the CW stations. Arun pulls
    the night shift every year. This station was set up in an RV owned by Dave, N8SBE. Thats Daves K3S that Arun is operating.
    Every year, we have one new operator who distinguishes themselves at the
    GOTA station. This year it was Matthew, KE8UEE, the 11-year-old fellow in
    the blue shirt. He made about 100 contacts over the weekend, and learned
    quite a bit about operating HF, and thats what its all about, isnt it? On Sunday, for example, I caught him adjusting the bandpass filter, so that he could copy stations more easily.
    Matthew wasnt the only youngster at Field Day. Here, Max, Charles W8HAXs
    son, makes a contact at the GOTA station.
    This little guy also visited us at the GOTA station, climbing up a table
    leg and making himself right at home. Some quick googling by Mary Anne,
    W8VWY, confirmed that our little friend wasnt poisonous. Somehow, I managed
    to take this guy home with me. As I was unloading my car, I found him
    wedged between two boxes. Now, he has a new home in my backyard.
    Jay, WB8TKL, was in charge of the public information table. He also brought
    out the trailer-mounted tower that you can see in the background.
    Les, W8MSP, Michigan Section Manager, also paid us a visit. This photo
    shows him and Ralph, AA8RK, the Michigan Public Information Coordinator
    (left) proudly displaying Governor Whitmers proclamation of Amateur Radio
    One highlight of the weekend was the plane ride that I got to take. Four of
    us went up with Mark, W8MP, whos a professional pilot. Our FD site is just north of Ann Arbor airport. Mark did a few turns aorund the site, and
    Dinesh, AB3DC took this photo.
    From left to right, our motley flight crew consisted of Dinesh AB3DC, Dan KB6NU (rear), Matthew KE8UEE, and Mark W8MP. Matthew brought a handheld
    along and made his first aeronautical mobile contact!

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