• [DXZone] Xiegu G106 HF QRP SDR Transceiver

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    Xiegu G106 HF QRP SDR Transceiver


    Digirig Mobile


    Digirig is an open-source integrated digital modes interface for amateur
    As a differentiating feature, Digirig only requires a single USB connection
    to the computer with all the digital goodness packed in a single small enclosure. The internals include a USB hub, audio codec, a fully featured serial CAT (Computer Aided Transceiver) interface, and potentially other modules such as GPS receiver for time synchronization.

    How to Make an Automatic 12V Battery Charger

    Posted: https://www.dxzone.com/dx34902/how-to-make-an-automatic-12v-battery-charger.html

    Technical Reference/Batteries/Battery Charger
    A home made battery charger 110-220 v AC providing from 1.25-24 v DC
    Adjustable at 8 Amps output power, with Short Circuit Protection Over Load
    and over charge Protection.

    Foldable Yagi Antenna


    A home made RDF 3 elements Yagi that can be used for fox hunting. The particularity of this antenna is that it can be folded, in order to save
    space while travelling. In Dutch.

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