• [VK5PAS] EUCFF 28 certificate

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    EUCFF 28 certificate

    Posted: 22 Jun 2022 02:22 AM PDT https://vk5pas.org/2022/06/22/eucff-28-certificate/

    Just received via email, my latest WWFF certificate.
    Issued for having worked WWFF references in 28 different European DXCC.
    Thanks to all of the European WWFF activators and thanks to the Awards
    Manager Mill LX1CC.

    Latest QSL cards received.

    Posted: 20 Jun 2022 05:48 PM PDT https://vk5pas.org/2022/06/21/latest-qsl-cards-received-4/

    Here are the latest QSL cards received in the past couple of weeks for
    VK5PAS and VK5MAZ.

    --- SoupGate-Win32 v1.05
    * Origin: fsxNet Usenet Gateway (21:1/5)