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    Isle of Man Amateur Radio Society

    Queens Jubilee Station Mk2

    Posted: 22 Jun 2022 01:35 AM PDT https://iomars.im/queens-jubilee-station-mk2/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=queens-jubilee-station-mk2

    Despite the weather there were excellent results from the Jubilee station
    on 3rd June, with pileups from stations eager to work the Isle of Mans
    unique callsign GB70D. We have arranged another, on the last day available, Tuesday 28th June.

    It will be on a big field at Government House, courtesy the Governor, who
    hopes to be able to attend at times and pass messages to the other Jubilee stations. We plan to be there from 8:30 to set up and then be active until
    late afternoon on CW, SSB and data. Club members are welcome to attend, and
    do some operating if they wish. Bring a picnic, and hope for better
    weather! We will be discussing more details at Club tonight, but watch this space for further news on this exciting event.

    73 John and the Committee






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    first proper HF QSO last night. 5 ⁹ into Corsica on 20m. End fed strung up
    in the garden running 50w.
    Happy days15You, Gavin Wilby, Dale McWilliams and 12 others1 commentSeen by 67LikeCommentSend1 commentAll commentsDale McWilliamsThe first of many,
    once you get hooked you will be working the world especially now the solar
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    g1c0iu2 · Running the GD net on 40M today 7.162, Lee Copeland and I are on now but the net starting 9:20, you are all welcome.117 commentsSeen by 55LikeCommentSend7 commentsView 2 previous commentsAll commentsDave
    RobertsI could hear Dale S1-2 and another S3 couldnt get the call sign.
    Gave a shout but nothing back I dont think. EA7/GD4GSR Costa del sol. 40m doublet at 35ft. 100wLikeReply1 wDave Roberts replied ·1 replyLee
    CopelandThe dipole is down now at Jurby, I’m away tomorrow.. got the low doublet tuned in though. Will try tonightLikeReply1 wActive
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  • From Jim Stewart ...@21:1/5 to All on Wed Jun 22 15:31:52 2022
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    Despite the weather there were excellent results from the Jubilee
    station on 3rd June, with pileups from stations eager to work the Isle
    of Mans unique callsign GB70D. We have arranged another, on the last day available, Tuesday 28th June.

    bit like stamp collecting then ?

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