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    Posted: 17 Jun 2022 11:00 PM PDT

    Episode 405 - Herb Goodluck - N7HGHerb Goodluck, N7HG, is a member of the Navajo Nation and son of one of the famous World War 2 Navajo heros called
    the Code Talkers. Herb keeps the Code Talkers memory alive with an annual special event at Window Rock, Arizona. N7HG is also an active amateur
    radio operator and my QSO Today.Show NotesSponsor TranscriptionListen to PodcastOur Listener SponsorsThis list is the total amounts contributed as sponsorships and/or donations since Episode 1 in July 2014. Only those who agreed to be publicly recognized are on the list below.First License:
    1996, KC7WVL, later N7HRB,

    Upgrade: "Morse Code Extra" N7HG

    DMR ID for N7HG: 3150943

    Brother is Paul Goodluck is KC7WVK

    QTH: Lukachukai, Navajo Nation, Arizona

    Favorite Operating Mode: SSB on 6 Meters and 10 meters

    Herbs Elmer: YouTube

    Navajo Code Talkers Resources
    Navajo Code Talkers and the Unbreakable Code
    Talking Code, Honoring Service: Remembering the Navajo Code Talkers
    Navajo Code
    Navajo Code Talkers Organization
    Navajo Code Talkers - National WW2 Museum
    Navajo Code Talkers Special Event
    N6CC Navajo Code Talkers Display
    Special Event Station Navajo Code Talkers N7C (August 14)
    N7C Special Event Station on QRZ

    Window Rock - Capital Navajo Nation Get Picture
    Red Stone Formations, Arizona
    The "Neh" 300,000, 2010 Census, 173,000 voters
    IHS - Indian Health Services
    Arizona Mining
    Surface Coal Mines
    BIA - Bureau of Indian Affairs
    WISP - Wireless Internet
    Eastern Arizona College, Thatcher, AZ
    Citizens Band Radio
    Fort Wingate, NM
    Carlsons Raiders, US Marine Corp
    Arizona Painted Desert
    Code Talker
    Hill 123
    US Marine Corp Platoon 297, WW2
    Radio Shack Store
    Radio Shack Novice and Technician Class License Manuals
    Frontier Communications, Two-Way Radio, Window Rock
    DMR Hotspot
    Anytone AT-D878 DMR Portable

    Herb's Favorite DMR Talk Groups: 91 - Worldwide3104 - Arizona DMR Talk Group3135 - New Mexico DMR Talk Group
    FT-8 Digital Mode

    Excited most by: DMR Digital Modes and Hotspots

    Advice to new or returning hams: Find interesting people in the bands and
    talk to them, spin the dial if you dont like what is being said, and don't
    be afraid to try the digital modes like FT-8 and DMR. The RSS Feed for all audio content from QSO today is available from here.

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