• [SADARS] 16 June 2022 - Contest planning by Don, G4LOO

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    16 June 2022 - Contest planning by Don, G4LOO

    Posted: 16 Jun 2022 11:32 PM PDT

    The dates for upcoming contests are:

    VHF NFD, 2 – 3 July

    IOTA, 30 – 31 July

    CQWW SSB, 27 – 30 October

    Don pointed out that all contests this year will take place at Dons CQWW
    field. Its not quite as high as the usual VHF contest site but much easier
    to set up and take down. In the 2019 VHF contest the site was used and
    results on 4 and 6m were competitive, 2m might have been better in better conditions.

    For this years VHF NFD setting up will begin Friday 1 July at 13.00 BST and
    it is proposed there be a BBQ for all members and their guests in the evening.  The club will provide the fire and some salad but members should bring their own meat and eating irons and plates etc. Those who wish to
    attend should put their name on the BBQ list on the CONTEST page of our web site.  Saturday AM will be used for the final setting up. The software
    logger for this  contest is MINOS which is used for VHF contests. If
    members are not familiar with it you might download a copy and try it out
    at home.

    IOTA will take place at the same field. The contest runs from 12.00 to
    12.00 GMT  We hope to be running two stations as we do at CQWW, ie  one run and one multiplier. We will use our normal logging software and it was
    pointed out when entering a call it will turn RED or GREEN if its wanted
    and BLUE to indicate not required, so dont work it.

    Register your interest in operating at our CONTEST page

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