• [G3XBM] FY5KE 10m WSPR reports

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    FY5KE 10m WSPR reports

    Posted: 15 Jun 2022 10:52 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2022/06/fy5ke-10m-wspr-reports.html

    Some time ago I queried if my WSPR reports by FY5KE in South America were just by a European pirate. Yesterday I had an email and these reports look
    like they were genuine. I get these reports quite often.

    8m experiment (Thursday)

    Posted: 15 Jun 2022 10:42 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2022/06/8m-experiment-thursday_16.html

    All being well, I should be home again later this afternoon. I intend to
    be on 8m TX on 40.680 MHz USB dial FT8 then.

    Catch them young

    Posted: 15 Jun 2022 10:39 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2022/06/catch-them-young.html

    This was 2010 when I had "help" in the back of the garage from my grandson. Sadly I didn't manage to get him interested in electronics: his main
    passion is ringing church bells. See his YouTube videos under Ringer Luke.

    Sunspots - Thursday June 16th 2022

    Posted: 15 Jun 2022 10:38 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2022/06/sunspots-thursday-june-16th-2022.html

    Solar flux is 140 and the SSN 149. A=20 and K=2.

    Finningley optical transceiver

    Posted: 14 Jun 2022 11:25 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2022/06/finningley-optical-transceiver.html

    This was built in June 2013, but because of my stroke it was not used. With 100mm lenses, it has a range of at least 65km. This was my only SMA project.

    Sunspots - Wednesday June 15th 2022

    Posted: 14 Jun 2022 11:18 PM PDT http://g3xbm-qrp.blogspot.com/2022/06/sunspots-wednesday-june-15th-2022.html

    Solar flux is 146 and the SSN 121. A=8 and K=4.

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