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    My Amateur Radio Life

    An upgrade to the kit

    Posted: 07 Jun 2022 10:54 AM PDT https://va3qv.wordpress.com/2022/06/07/an-upgrade-to-the-kit/

    Well recently I have been shuffling gear around to take into consideration
    my new interests in our Amateur Radio hobby along with the retirees budget.

    Yesterday this rig made it into my shack:

    The Yaesu FT2DR is a dual band (2m and 70cm) dual mode (FM and C4FM) 5 watt handheld radio.

    I bought it used from a ham in Ottawa and so far I am more than pleased
    with my purchase. It also has a built in GPS and an AX25 modem so
    eventually I will figure out how to access the APRS Network.

    For now I have been able to program the memories with the limited
    frequencies needed for Kingston and as I also have the programming software
    and cable (not needed yet) eventually I will have it working to its full potential.

    I still have my FT70D handheld and my FTDM7250 and plan to keep them both
    doing duty in the shack. The 70D is currently monitoring my NNMDM Hot spot
    and the 7250 is connected to my 1/4 wave dual band groundplane giving me
    local VHF/UHF coverage

    So for now I will be using the FT2DR for my daily use rig when not in the shack. Walks around the block or out to some POTA Activations should make
    use of the APRS Features and the ability to send SMS and APRS Text messages from areas where the cell service is limited could be important. Hopefully
    the GPS stuff along with the APRS stuff will be just as easy to set up as
    the memories were.

    If you want to track the progress of this check out APRS.FI on line and
    search for VA3QV. Once I get it functioning the SSID for the FT2DR will be VA3QV-7

    There will be a few more changes coming I am looking for another portable
    hf rig (FT817 or 818 or even a KX3)to keep the XIEGU X5105 company and I
    will be sending one of my 100W HF rigs (FT950 or the FT450) on to a new
    home (but not quite ready to say goodbye yet)

    Other stuff Still hunting lots of POTA with just over 1200 Parks confirmed
    so far. Only done 2 activations so far but once the bands get stable then
    the Xiegu will be getting lots of fresh air

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