• [VK1DA] Activation photos - 8 SOTA, one Silo

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    Activation photos - 8 SOTA, one Silo

    Posted: 07 Jun 2022 01:00 AM PDT https://vk1da.blog/2022/06/07/activation-photos-8-sota-one-silo/

    These activations are from February to May 2022. I used my usual KX3 and
    ZS6BKW doublet on all these. Goorooyaroo summit and nature reserve In
    February 2022 I walked up to Goorooyaroo Nature reserve, which is a former target area for the military firing range and is considered to contain unexploded ordnance, ie. bombs and Continue reading Activation photos 8
    SOTA, one Silo

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