• [PE4BAS] #6m First opening to north america/caribbean

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    #6m First opening to north america/caribbean

    Posted: 02 Jun 2022 04:05 AM PDT https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/06/6m-first-opening-to-north.html

    Yesterday evening there was, to me, the first 6m seasonal opening to Canada
    and even Bonaire. I've seen a few USA stations as well but mysteriously
    they are not reported to PSKreporter. 9Y4D was also seen and not reported.
    I found more accurate and realtime reports can be found on hamspots.net.
    But hamspots is being reported from JTAlert which not everyone is running. Anyway, PJ4MM was actually replying on my CQ call which I think is rather unique because he was called by many in Europe at that time. I logged him
    but am not shure he got my R report. It is not that important for me since
    I worked PJ4 last year. Worked VO1CH and VO1SO from new foundland Canada.

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