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    Posted: 27 Aug 2021 11:00 PM PDT

    Episode 365 - Tony DePrato - WA4JQS
    Tony DePrato WA4JQS had an early love of radio
    and a junior high school mentor who helped him get on the air in the early 1960s. An 80 meter DX contact from his native Kentucky to Australia
    ignited a passion for DX that resulted in Tony leading two DXpeditions to
    the most sought after DX entities in the World. WA4JQS tells his ham radio story in this QSO Today.
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    Hometown: Somerset, Kentucky
    Father: Franklin DePrato, WA4LLK
    Mother: Ada DePrato, WA4RTJ
    Mentor: Art Calhoun, K4UNE, started the Somerset High School amateur Radio Club, WA4FVC in 1962
    Elmer: M.B.Johnson K4REU a dispatcher for the Southern Railroad, taught
    code and theory
    First License: General, WA4JQS, 1962, Age 15

    First Rig:
    Globe Champion 350A Transmitter
    Hallicrafters SX 110A Receiver
    108 Foot Trap Dipole Antenna

    Current Rig:
    Kenwood TS950SDX
    Kenwood TS870S HF Transceiver
    Kenwood TS850SAT
    Kenwood TS-480HX
    Drake 4 Line
    Drake CC1 Converter Console
    Drake B Line
    Drake C Line
    Drake TR7 and R7 Line
    Drake TR4CW RIT
    Hallicrafter SR400

    4 Element Cubical Quad, 30 foot boom
    Mosley Pro 57B Beam Antenna
    Mosley Classic 36 Antenna
    Hygain 402BA
    Inverted L Antenna 160 Meters
    80 Meter V Beam Antenna

    On the Bench:
    Drake AC4 Power Supply
    Plate and Load Control Amplifiers - Dip the Plate and increase the Grid

    Border Blasters
    Wolfman Jack
    Industrial Arts Class in Public Schools
    Globescout Model 40 Transmitter
    Allied Knight Kit R100 Receiver
    Railroad Dispatcher
    Ameco General Class Theory Course
    Bluegrass Amateur Radio Society
    Gunsmoke Television Show
    United States Navy
    United States Navy Battery Test
    Aviation Electronics Technician Airborne
    US Navy Reserve
    Detroit River
    US Airman E3
    AN/APS82 Radar
    Grauman AWAC
    Airborne USS Essex Aircraft Carriers
    Naval Station Norfolk
    Military Chaplain
    Maritime Mobile Net
    Collins S Line
    Hallicrafters Radio Company
    Collins 75A2 Receiver
    Hallicrafters SR-400A Cyclone Receiver
    Toll Facilities, Kentucky Transportation
    Stepping Chain Relay Computers - need reference
    IBM System 7
    Cumberland Parkway, KY
    Relay Burnishing Tool
    Vibroplex Bugs
    VP8 Falkland Islands
    South Sandwich Islands
    Heathkit HR20 Receiver
    Heathkit HX30 6 Meter SSB Transmitter
    Model 19 Teletype
    RTTY Contest
    Amateur Radio BARTG Contest
    VP8SSI DXpedition, 1992 Falkland Island, South Sandwich
    3Y0PI DXpedition 1993 and 1994 Peter the First
    40 Meter DX Net
    QSL Manager VP8
    Falkland Island War
    Gap Antenna
    Cushcraft Antenna
    Marti Laine, OH2BH
    Logbook of the World
    FT-8 Digital Mode
    Worked All States 6 Meter SSB
    ELi the Ice Man
    Lake Como Amateur Radio Club

    Greatest challenge facing amateur radio now: getting young people on the

    Advice to new or returning hams: join a club that is interested in
    activities, gets on the air, does exercises, that has a net. Learn the protocol and make friends. The RSS Feed for all audio content from
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    Labs Globe Champion 350 Transmitter Hallicrafters SX-110
    Receiver WA4JQS 1977 Drake Radio Ham Shack WA6JQS 1980's
    Ham Station

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