• [VE9KK] CQ WPX CW contest....well I started with great hopes!

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    CQ WPX CW contest....well I started with great hopes!

    Posted: 30 May 2022 06:22 AM PDT http://ve3wdm.blogspot.com/2022/05/cq-wpx-cw-contestwell-i-started-with.html

    Intentionally left upside down as this was how things turned out.

    Well here we are it's Monday and as I look back to Friday and the dreams
    of contest sugar cookies dancing in my head and how things can change! The contest was the CQ WPX CW contest and as of Friday evening I was all ready
    to give it a decent go. The propagation numbers were not in our favour as
    the Kp index rolled up to 5 and thus lots of signal QSB.

    It was Saturday morning and I was just beginning to call CQ TEST when my
    dear wife came in and announced "I think I hear water running come and have
    a listen". Those words are any given day are not what you want to hear. The contest came to a grinding halt and it was taken over by contractors,
    plumbers and various odds and ends. I was able to get in and out of the contest but only for very short times. The outcome was a poor showing but a better and upgraded plumbing!
    For the limited time I was in the contest here are some of my take a ways
    from it:
    As said the conditions on Saturday were poor and I found myself calling CQ
    TEST and as time past with no answer my mind began to wonder. Looking
    around the shack, looking at the operating desk and icons on the desktop.
    Then all of a sudden an answer came and I was not at all ready for it. Thus repeats and some frustration.
    I really wanted to work in the contest at improving my run abilities and it
    was just not happening as I was calling CQ TEST sometime for over 10
    minutes with no answer. I then went to search and pounce and did up my
    score that way. Lesson learned....go to search and pounce when calling CQ
    TEST is just not happening.
    Murphy did hit me with the plumbing issue as well my own carelessness...for example when I setup my CW macros and tested them before the contest I
    turned the power out to zero. Well this ham radio guy forgot to turn the
    power back up to 100 watts and for about 20 minutes I was calling CQ TEST
    with ZERO output!! To boot the radio have a LARGE meter showing zero out
    and my LDG tuner has the same. Lesson learned to pay attention and not to wonder.
    Not much else and since this is not a home repair blog I will skip the very expensive plumbing repairs.
    Below is the final score.

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