• [SADARS] 26 May 2022 - A Lifetime of rigs - by Victor, G3JNB

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    26 May 2022 - A Lifetime of rigs - by Victor, G3JNB

    Posted: 28 May 2022 04:25 AM PDT

    Victor began his video programme showing photos of his earliest    days in Amateur Radio. Then progressed through the years telling about equipment,
    home built or commercial  added to his shack. Mostly aimed at either QRP or
    /p operations, sometimes both.

    Described were the Homebrew TRF with Eddystone 4pin coils, then CR100 with Command TX and homebrew control unit, before moving on to a KW Vanguard 50w
    TX AM/CW transceiver. Later the Heathkit HW8 QRP transceiver was added as
    were various other Howes kits. The KW Atlanta Hi power SSB/CW transceiver
    with a Sure 444 mic appeared followed by the Drake R7 100w transceiver and Drake remote VFO and ATU. For 2m there was the Yaesu FT221R multimode.
    Moving on to the heavy brigade Victor described the Sommerkamp linear and
    the Yaesu FT1000 transceiver, followed by the FT2000 and finally the shack
    in use today comprising the Yaesu FT450D for HF and a Wolfwave audio filter
    and Begali key, and the FT818 multi mode for 2m.
    Victors First Station
    Todays FT450D and FT818 on 2m. Wolfwave audio filter and Begali key

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