• [PE4BAS] #6m ITU HQ almost & internet temptations

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    #6m ITU HQ almost & internet temptations

    Posted: 27 May 2022 01:31 AM PDT https://pe4bas.blogspot.com/2022/05/6m-itu-hq-almost-internet-temptations.html

    Hans PB2T is currently active from 4U1ITU ITU Headquarters. This counts as DXCC. I received his signal through the morning. Probabely due to airplane scatter. At a certain moment he received me as well while giving him a
    report. Unfortunately we couldn't finish the QSO. There was no airplane reflecting our signal within the time available.

    On KST chat Hans warned me not to try to make the QSO via internet. It was
    not my intention of course. I just wanted to let him know I still received
    his efforts to send his report. I didn't realize by writing him that I was trying to send him my RR he could see this as part of the QSO and that way
    he knew I received his report. In that case he could send a 73 and QSO
    could be logged. I'm happy he didn't. This seems to be a common mistake
    made on the chat. The temptation of such a internet service. Please be
    warned and don't make these mistakes yourself.

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